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Firefly Viewing at Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo: A Family-Friendly Occasion

Marking the early summer season the event includes a fireflylit garden the Tokyo sea of clouds 70thanniversary celebrations and limitedtime menus. TOKYO April 26 2022 Newswire.com An urban resort in the heart of the city Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo offers a special firefly viewing event every May. The event which also includes fireflythemed menus is particularly popular among families children couples and friends. This year visitors can enjoy fireflylit nights in the garden from May 20th until July 3rdChinzanso Garden first established itself as a prime location for firefly viewing in 1954. It was originally an event for children meant to give young ones living in Tokyo the opportunity to see fireflies. The gardens main firefly species is Luciola cruciata called genjibotaru in Japanese. These fireflies are large and emit a bright green light.

The Tokyo sea of clouds which was added to the garden in October 2020 is another attraction. The entire garden is shrouded in mist several times a day. When viewed from above the mist looks like a sea of clouds. This year visitors can enjoy both the Tokyo sea of clouds and fireflies in separate areas of the garden.
To commemorate Hotel Chinzanso Tokyos 70th anniversary the hotel will be offering two dining events this year the Evening  of Fireflies Dinner Buffet and the Tokyo Sea of Clouds Restaurant. The buffet will feature a variety of Western Japanese and Chinesestyle dishes including beef stew marinated cod roast beef and fireflythemed dishes. Children can enjoy a summer festivalthemed food corner with classics like french fries and yakisoba.

The Tokyo Sea of Clouds Restaurant is a limitedtime event that pairs dining with views of the sea of clouds. From May 20 to July 3 guests can dine on French specialties. It also features an edible sea of clouds a seasonal amuse buche to celebrate early summer.The hotel has other familyfriendly features and facilities. Toddlers and infants stay for free and families may rent extra beds for children or babies free of charge. It also has babysitting services special amenities such as toys and coloring books for children and nursing rooms. Guests may also rent strollers or hire a photographer to capture special moments. Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo is one of the citys most iconic luxury hotels with 70 years of history. The property includes 267 guest roomssuites nine restaurants 38 meetingbanquet rooms and a fullservice spa with a Japanese onsen. Its garden has a wide variety of botanical species including more than 100 cherry trees and 1000 camellia trees. The standout feature of the garden is the Tokyo sea of clouds a recreation of the natural phenomenon that can usually only be spotted in the mountainous regions of Japan. The hotel is owned and managed by Fujita Kanko Inc. a publiclytraded tourism industry corporation headquartered in Tokyo.

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