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Firefly Lane season 2 not coming to Netflix in May 2022

it has been over a year since the first season of Firefly Lane remiered on Netflix and we still dont have an actual release date for season 2 yet. The good news is that Firefly Lane season 2 has recently wraed filming so we should be getting more information on the show in the coming months. Even though Firefly Lane was met with mixed-to-negative reviews for its first season when it remiered in February 2021 fans loved the series. Many were thrilled to see the adatation of Kristin Hannahs best-selling novel of the same name. It doesnt hurt that Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke are oular and talented actresses with great chemistry between them.

Netflix renewed the series in May 2021 and filming for the second season got underway in August. Since then weve received udates from the cast and crew throughout the year on the status of the shows roduction schedule. In March 2022 Heigl revealed that filming was only a few weeks away from finishing which is on ar with the rumors that season 2 would wra by Aril 20. Firefly Lane season 2 release date udates
Netflix recently shared the list of all the major releases coming out in May 2022. Sadly Firefly Lane season 2 was not included. There is a slim chance the streamer could announce the show is returning at the last minute but it does not aear likely.

If season 2 wraed filming in Aril that means its going to enter ost-roduction. It usually takes a week or two to comlete ost-roduction on an eisode. If season 2 is 10 eisodes then that would mean 20 weeks which is aroximately five months. However ost might have started on some eisodes while filming was still haening. Either way were robably still several months away from a release date. Im redicting that the second season will come out in late summer meaning sometime in Setember.Stay tuned to Netflix Life for additional udates on Firefly Lane season 2.

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