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Find out why Emma Stone prefers to stay off Instagram and Twitter

It seems strange to think that famous people move away from social networks these days, as it is natural that fans want to follow them on the internet. It sounds strange the idea that some movie stars move away from social networks these days, as it is quite natural for fans to follow and follow the celebrities they like to learn about their daily lives and their productions. Still, some celebrities simply prefer not to have a link to the digital world in this way, as is the case with star Emma Stone , who you can find both in several movies through movie theaters and through streaming .

The actress is extremely well-known for having roles in multiple films in different genres, with her last major starring role playing Disney villain Cruella . His departure from social media has been since the incident in which his Twitter account was hacked. Since then, you won’t find the actress with a verified account on social media, there are only a few fake accounts that have misplaced letters and obviously don’t have the verification seal.

A probably right decision by the actress; after all, even if she is far from engagements and publicity, at the same time she does not submit to the risks of having her privacy invaded and something done with her name in public status . Certainly, the vast majority of people have already gone through some unpleasant or disconcerting situation within their own social networks. Think that you have given up using and kept a distance; Emma Stone made this same move permanently.

The case took place in 2013, while recording The Amazing Spider-Man 2  at one point the actress liked to use her social account on Twitter, interacting with some people eventually. The case complicated the situation when a misspelled tweet appeared. He made reference to the actress who was removed from the feature and who would have played the character Mary Jane Watson. The actress and the character were removed from the production so that Gwen Stacy’s impact would not be lessened or erased by the presence of Peter Parker’s other love interest.

After finding out about the case, recognizing that her account had been hacked and having her emails and password replaced, the actress announced that she was looking for ways to delete her account and has since walked away from any social network. A bold decision, given the ways the world works today. Emma is known around the world for her many roles, she is loved by her fans and certainly, if she were part of the networking world and shared parts of her day to day self, there would be many who would love this contact with the star. But for now, her decision seems to be final on the matter.

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