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Final Fantasy XIV How to Get the WindUp Ragnarok Minion

Final Fantasy XIV players can obtain a Wind Up Ragnarok Minion by purchasing the Art book The Art of Resurrection – Among the Stars from Square Enix. Final Fantasy XIV Wind Up Ragnarok Minion In Final Fantasy XIV players may want to obtain the newly added Wind Up Ragnarok Minion. Once players have a Minion they will act as a small companion who follows the player around on their adventures. There are different Minions available and each have a unique visual style and idle animations. The Wind Up Ragnarok Minion is a miniaturized version of the Ragnarok ship which is a large white airship with red details featured in the game.

Unlike most other Minions in Final Fantasy XIV the WindUp Ragnarok Minion cannot be found from NPC vendors a raid drop or just roaming randomly throughout the world. In order to find this new friend players will need to obtain a physical copy of the Artbook The Art of Resurrection – Among the Stars. Players can obtain a copy of the book on the Square Enix store for $39.99 and send it to themselves. Additionally the book can be preordered through other official retailers such as Amazon. Of note the book is scheduled to release on September 13th 2022. Once players receive the physical book they will earn a code that can be redeemed to unlock the WindUp Ragnarok Minion as an ingame companion.

The Art of Resurrection – Among the Stars is 288 pages long and features the concept art from the latest expansion in Final Fantasy XIV. Readers can expect to find locations such as Old Sharlayan and RadzatHan as well as the new bosses and minor enemies. Additionally concept art for both the new jobs Reaper and Sage is expected to be featured. This artbook is the eighth official Artbook showcasing concept art and comments from the artists for Final Fantasy XIV and its many expansions.

How To Use Minions In FFXIV

Minions are exclusively cosmetic and do not have any additional functionality. As a Minion the WindUp Ragnarok Minion will travel with the player on their adventures likely flying around them. For the Lord of Verminion update in Final Fantasy XIV a battle strategy game was added for Minions. In this minigame the WindUp Ragnarok Minion is likely to have a special action which will allow them to impact play in some way. Additionally the special action will have a specific duration and point total. Once the new WindUp Ragnarok Minion is released players will discover its stats including Health Points Attack and Defense in the minigame.

Of note players can only equip one Minion at a time but they can freely change between Minions. Players can use the Minion Whistle to summon their companion and subsequently they can select a Minion from the Actions and Traits menu. Players can also use this menu to remove their Minion presently equipped to accompany them. In addition to the WindUp Ragnarok Minion the BlueFooted Booby Minion in Final Fantasy XIV and the Teacup Kapikulu Minion also were recently added to the extensive roster of available Minions. Additionally if a player dies during a battle with a Minion equipped they may need to resummon their companion to their side once they respawn.

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