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Fast And Furious 10 Is Now Filming And Vin Diesel Celebrated By Revealing The Official Title

The end is near for the Fast & Furious franchise as the long-running film series is set to wrap up with a tenth installment that will be split up into two parts. Over the past several weeks the car centric saga’s producer and lead actor Vin Diesel has been dropping details about the highly anticipated film. Now the star has confirmed that the movie is officially in production. Not only that but Diesel celebrated by revealing the official title. Vin Diesel has specifically been teasing the start of shooting for months now. Back in February he hinted that principal photography was getting close. When marking the official beginning of filming he posted a photo of the official title to Instagram with the post’s caption simply reading “Day One.” Check out the movie’s name for yourself down below:

Fast X is a short yet clean title though I am wondering a few things. First off should this be read as “Fast Ten” or is it simply going to be called “Fast X”? Also will the title have “Part One” or “Part Two” subtitles given it’s being broken up? These are certainly things to consider but at the moment the movie going public is probably just happy to know what it can officially call the newest Fast & Furious entry.

Since its conception FF has found ways to vary up the titles of the various installments. The Fast and the Furious 2 Fast 2 Furious and Fast Five are probably some of the most recognizable ones. Others have received somewhat mixed reception. Funny enough fans have been pitching titles for the series’ tenth outing with FasTEN (Fast10)Your Seat belts having become particularly popular. The cast is aware of the idea and when asked about it they didn’t seem all that enthused. One can assume that they’re good with something simpler like Fast X.

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