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Family Guy Fans Can’t Get Enough Stewie And Brian Episodes

One “Family Guy” pairing stands above all others; no, not Peter and his constant battle against Ernie, the Giant Chicken. Instead, Stewie and Brian have made their way into fan-favorite status. This baby and pooch duo plays off the long-held traditions of a boy’s bond with his canine best friend. While they might spend time together during regular episodes, there’s something about those dedicated to them that fans love.

Better known as the Stewie and Brian Adventures, these select episodes present storylines that venture far beyond Quahog’s city limits. The homage to Bob Hope and Bing Crosby’s classic “Road To…” film series features catchy musical numbers with larger-than-life plot points; from the parallel universes of the multiverse to a cross-country road trip with one heartbreaking revelation, their travels have taken on a myriad of subjects. It’s been a while since Stewie and Brian took one of those unforgettable journeys — leaving fans clamoring for more and reminiscing on their favorites from the series.

It might seem like the adventures have continued to this day, but the last one, “Road to India,” originally aired in 2016. Since then, the “Road to…” episodes have been in constant rotation thanks to streaming services and the show’s exclusive network access on FOX, FXX, FX, and Freeform. The chance to experience these episodes again has allowed fans to reflect on what made them so memorable.

Fans want Stewie and Brian back on the road
First and foremost, many fans want new “Road to…” episodes. “Road to anywhere would be cool by now. Road to Little Rock. I don’t care!” wrote u/-Nsb127916_. Another Reddit user added that one aspect particularly brought them to these adventures. “I can’t click next on Hulu fast enough when it’s a Brian and Stewie Musical episode,” added u/Healthy_Cat3555.

Everyone has an opinion on their favorites, but many conversations revert to the episode “Road to the North Pole.” u/Intelligent_Blackout thought everything after that episode could be hit or miss, speculating that rapport coming from forced admiration and animosity fizzled after. They found an interesting comparison to another animation powerhouse, Pixar. “Much like having a film branded Pixar a ‘road to’ used to mean an episode would be above par and exceptional. While that’s not the case anymore.”

Assumptions about that change in quality during later adventures could possibly be explained by a major change behind-the-scenes. “To be fair road to the North Pole was the last one where Seth was still in the writing room,” posted u/corndogs1001. The theory has been consistent among “Family Guy” fans who believe creator Seth MacFarlane wrote most episodes. It’s a myth as MacFarlane is only credited with writing three episodes during the series run.

Where should Stewie and Brian go if they do return to those special episodes? Opinions range from whimsical to fantastical — suggestions include the pair making a trip to White Castle and the golden city of El Dorado. One thing is clear through it all; many fans wish these adventures would make a comeback.


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