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Every Kill in ‘Halloween Ends’ Ranked, From Worst to Best

The following articles contain major spoilers for Halloween Ends.The final chapter of the latest Halloween trilogy has arrived, and it’s fair to say not everyone will rank it high in their list of the best Halloween movies. Halloween Ends picks up four years after Halloween Kills, with Michael Myers not seen since that night. Laurie (Jamie Lee Curtis) now lives with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), while a new character named Corey Cunningham (Rohan Campbell) soon enters their lives, resulting in fatal consequences. Most of the controversy surrounding Halloween Ends revolves around Corey and how he steals the spotlight from Michael. The Shape is sidelined for most of the movie as Corey dons his mask instead and begins killing those in Haddonfield that have wronged him. This is further amplified by the fact that Michael is barely in the film altogether. However, this is still a Halloween movie, which means there are still plenty of great kills.

Honorable Mentions — The Offscreen Kills
While there are more than a few grizzly death scenes in Halloween Ends, the movie also decides to have some of its kills take place offscreen. It’s admittedly a jarring choice, especially since Halloween Kills showed audiences how savage Michael could be without cutting away. Corey stabs his mother, Joan, to death offscreen, while he also kills two of his bullies, Billy and Stacy, during the junkyard sequence. Willy the Kid’s receptionist at the radio station, is the last character to die offscreen.

The Homeless Man — Stabbed in the stomach
Corey’s first kill, and the one that sends him down the path of following in Michael’s footsteps. After being thrown off a bridge, the unconscious Corey is pulled into the sewers where Michael resides. As the pair look longingly into each other’s eyes, it is clear Corey is cut from the same cloth as Haddonfield’s boogeyman. After escaping his encounter with Michael, Corey encounters a homeless man that lives near the sewer. When the vagabond threatens Corey with a pocket knife, the resulting struggle sees Corey stab the man to death. Allyson’s abusive boss, Dr. Mathis, is shown to be a jerk in the workplace. When Corey notices his callous behavior while visiting her, it’s clear the bad doctor will be on his hit list. His time comes when he brings Allyson’s co-worker, Deb, to his house to “celebrate” her new promotion.

This sequence is cool as it shows Corey and Michael working together to take out a pair of victims. While Michael lurks inside, Corey attacks Dr. Mathis outside by his pool. Pinning the older man to the floor, Deb can only watch in horror as Corey repeatably stabs her boss in the side of his neck with a corkscrew.

The saddest death in Halloween Ends, as Ronald was one of the kindest people in Haddonfield. Corey’s father always showed genuine care for him and even gifted him a motorcycle from his junkyard. When the movie pivots back to this same junkyard, Ronald meets his demise. Simply wanting to get his Jean-Claude Van Damme fix by watching Hard Target, Ronald’s evening is interrupted by Corey terrorizing his teen bullies at his workplace. Attempting to intervene, Ronald is shocked to discover the killer is his son. When the head bully aims his gun at Corey, Ronald gets in the way and receives a bullet for his trouble.

The other half of the doctor’s house sequence, Deb is Allyson’s outgoing co-worker. Deb is that co-worker who never stops talking, even when you want some quiet time. “Quiet time” is what she spends with Dr. Mathis as she engages in an affair with her boss to secure her promotion over Allyson. While Dr. Mathis is being murdered outside, Deb is freshening up in the bathroom. When she hears the disturbance in the pool area, she witnesses her lover’s last moments. Fleeing inside, she comes face to face with Michael, who stabs her with his kitchen knife and pins her to the wall. It’s a nice throwback to Bob’s death in the original Halloween. The least antagonistic of the group that bullies Corey, Margo often criticizes her friends for their behavior and asks them to leave him alone. However, she still goes along with their bullying, which seals her fate. She is one of the many victims of the junkyard massacre.

After discovering Billy’s body, a pick-up truck comes to life and chases Margo down a stretch of road. Managing to get over the junkyard’s gate, the truck plows through and takes Margo with it. Trapped under the gate and the vehicle, Margo is forced to watch her friends die before Corey stomps her head into gory goo. Michael has endured a lot throughout his four-decade-long career, so it almost feels odd for him to die a very human death. The series has always debated whether Michael is a man or a supernatural being, and that argument has carried over into this most recent trilogy.

The movie ends with the long-hyped showdown between Michael and Laurie, and after a few minutes of both sides trading brutal blows, Laurie gets the upper hand by pinning him to the table with knives. With Allyson’s help, she makes fatal incisions to his throat and wrists. They then dump his body into the junkyard’s car crusher just to be safe. He’ll still probably find a way to come back, though. Michael’s outcast protégé, Corey, does most of the killing in Halloween Ends. His goal is to get back at those in Haddonfield who have wronged him and to escape the cursed town with Allyson, who he begins dating. He sees Laurie as the last roadblock to this plan and heads to her house to finish her once and for all. However, Laurie is not one of the most iconic final girls for nothing, and she easily overpowers the young man. After stating that if he can’t have Allyson, no one can, Corey stabs himself in the neck to frame Laurie for his murder. He somehow survives the wound, though, and when Michael finally arrives, he snaps his imitator’s neck.

Allyson’s ex-boyfriend, this persistent police officer, still pines for her as he hassles the seemingly much younger woman whenever they cross paths in town. Despite Allyson making it clear she has moved on, Mulaney doesn’t take the hint, and his unwanted advances don’t go unnoticed by the murderous Corey. Corey lures the officer to the sewer where he first met Michael, and there Mulaney is attacked by both men. While Corey holds him down, Michael slashes the officer’s throat and stabs him over and over again. It creates an unwholesome bonding experience for the villainous duo.

Terry — Blowtorch to the face
Easily the most unlikable character in Halloween Ends, Terry is the leader of the teenage hoodlums that bully Corey whenever they see him around town. Terry is the one who throws Corey off the bridge which results in him meeting Michael, so a line can be drawn that results in Terry being responsible for the ensuing murders. Every time Terry is on-screen, you want him to die, and that moment finally comes during the junkyard sequence. With most of his friends dead, Corey sneaks up on Terry and pins him to the floor. He then shoves a lit blowtorch into his face and mouth; his gargled screams are the last thing he hears as his face melts away.

Jeremy Allen — Falling multiple stories onto a hard floor
Okay, this little idiot deserved it. The catalyst for Corey’s ostracization from the community, Jeremy is the young child Corey babysat at the start of the movie. When the rude boy decides to play a prank on Corey, he locks his babysitter in the attic and insults him through the door. With no other way out of the attic, Corey kicks the door open, which collides with Jeremy’s face. The impact sends the boy flying backward, and he topples over a railing and plummets to his death below. His parents walk in just in time to witness his demise, and the sight of his body breaking on the hard surface is enough to make audiences shudder.

Willy the Kid — Face smashed against a desk
Haddonfield’s resident disc jockey doesn’t have a major part, but he does have a pivotal scene where he insults Corey and Allyson. With the lovebirds sharing a tender moment on top of the radio station, Willy catches them and berates them for their troubled history in the town. You know it’s enough for Corey to come back later for revenge. He does just that after stealing Michael’s mask and after killing Willy’s receptionist off-screen, he enters the DJ’s booth. Grabbing the presenter from behind, Corey smashes Willy’s face multiple times into his desk, pulling his head back to reveal his jaw is almost detached from his face before his tongue falls onto the record player. It’s the best kill of the movie and is sure to go down as one of the best kills in Halloween history.


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