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Euphoria Star Reacts to The Legend of Zelda Fan Cast

Late last month Euphoria star Hunter Schafer appeared at the 222 Vanity Fair Oscars party in a stunning Rick Owens fishtail gown. The dress was a big hit with fashion enthusiasts but it was also embraced by fans of Nintendos The Legend of Zelda franchise Schafers outfit led to a number of fans comparing her look to that of Princess Zelda herself. Entertainment Tonight recently asked Schafer if she had seen these comparisons and the actress seemed genuinely surprised but open to the idea. Schafer also stated that she played that video game a bunch when she was a kid.

Video of Schafers reaction to the fan cast can be found in the Tweet from Entertainment Weekly embedded below. A fan cast video of Schafer as Zelda can be found right here. The Legend of Zelda first released on the Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1986. Since then the series has become one of Nintendos biggest resulting in a number of games across various platforms as well as tons of merchandise. Shockingly the series has never received a live-action adaptation in television or film. A series based on the games was rumored to be in development at Netflix a few years ago but Nintendo allegedly canceled those plans after news began to leak about the project.

While a number of studios and companies have expressed an interest in bringing Nintendo franchises to the big and small screen the Japanese company has been understandably hesitant. This likely stems from embarrassment over the 1993 Super Mario Bros. movie which was a critical and commercial flop. However things seem to be changing as a Mario animated film is set to release later this year from Universal. If the film proves successful it could convince the company to expand to other movie and TV projects. Perhaps we could actually see Schafer get the chance to play Zelda if the series ever does get adapted! For now well just have to wait and see.

Are you a fan of the Zelda franchise Do you think Hunter Schafer would make a good Zelda Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming! Disclosure ComicBook is owned by CBS Interactive a division of Paramount. Sign up for Paramount by clicking here. Yesterday Crystal Dynamics announced a new character is coming to Marvels Avengers with Update 2.5. Previously rumors suggested Jane Foster and She-Hulk were the next two post-launch DLC characters and it looks like these rumors were accurate because it was the former that was confirmed yesterday. At the time rumors suggested Jane Foster would play a lot like Thor something Crystal Dynamics itself teased alongside the news. So the rumors were true and some players are excited they were true while others are less impressed.

For those that dont know Jane Foster debuted back in 1962 via Journey into Mystery #84. At first she was simply introduced as a love interest for Thor but over time creators Stan Lee Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby evolved the character which brings us to the present day where shes getting a spot in the game and her own movie Thor Love and Thunder.

So whats the problem Well in addition to plenty of excitement some players arent very happy the character is getting into the game before other characters presumably only to create synergy with the aforementioned new movie. Meanwhile others arent very excited about the gameplay limitations of the character. Happy its a new character. Sad its just like Hawkeye and Kate bishop but instead of an archer reskin we get a thunder god reskin reads one popular reply. I mean we all kinda knew this was coming but really another Thor Wheres Wanda Strange Captain Marvel etc So many better options adds another popular reply.

For now it remains to be seen when the character will be added. We know Update 2.4 is coming next month but right now theres no word of when Update 2.5 will hit but it will presumably be sometime this summer leaving room for She-Hulk to release before the end of the year though this is just speculation. As always we will keep you updated as more information is provided in the meantime below you can check out some reactions to the news from Twitter So Excited

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