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Esports Folk Are Wanting Elon Musk To Buy Their Games And Remove Characters

Elon Musks entrepreneurial portfolio is vastly expanding as the worlds richest man has now acquired social media platform Twitter for a stunning $44 Billion adding to the likes of Tesla SpaceX and PayPal in his collection. However Musks ties to gaming are strong and in any spare time the multi-billionaire often loads up his consoles to unwind. Having previously admitted that video games are the reason he started programming computers he can be found operating in the Overwatch public lobbies or scouring every corner of Fallout 3 next to the life-sized statue of the 1950s Vault Boy.

Not just a part-time gamer Musk also enjoys the old-school Deus Ex The Last of Us and Skyrim where you can imagine his Dragonborn is dressed to the nines in jewels and the finest Daedric armour. Now video game personalities are hoping that Musk fancies expanding his business arms into the industry and snapping up their favourite titles in order to purge the worst elements from the games. Esports Fans Want Elon Musk To Purge Their Games Worst Traits

Elon Musk has never strayed away from combining gaming and business having previously claimed you can play Cyberpunk 2077 in his Tesla cars despite the game making him feel weird and quizzing Turner Tfue Tenney on whether Fortnite or Atari games would be worth adding to his futuristic vehicles. With that in mind following his acquisition of Twitter League of Legends caster Marc Caedrel Lamont has joked that he should now buy Riot Games masterpiece and purge Yuumi from existence – arguably the most overpowered Legend at the moment as demonstrated in the 2021 Worlds Finals.

The sentiment was also echoed by other members of the League of Legends community hoping Musk can get hold of Yuumi and halt her reign over Summoners Rift. Similar tweets surfaced from other titles which will likely have caught Musks eye as he plays with his new social media toys. Call of Duty former World Champion Dillon Attach Price also jibed that Musk should get his gaming hands on the franchise and delete the mechanic Slide Cancelling which has been a recent addition to the movement logistics and hated by more seasoned Call of Duty players.

Elon Musk needs to buy Call of Duty and remove slide canceling Despite Attachs query Musk will do well to take the franchise away from the grips of Bill Gates following the sale of Activision to Microsoft. Perhaps more likely will be getting CSGO from Valve – where members of the community have already impersonated Musk in saying theyre buying the FPS title and removing Mirage with a bucket and spade. Maybe his ties to Skyrim might make the Elder Scrolls a more appetising prospect where he can make a bucket load of cash from actually making Elder Scrolls 6.

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