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Encanto Theory Reveals The Madrigals Gifts Are All Linked To Their Flaws

Encanto madrigals gifts linked to their flaws
Each Madrigal descendant in Encanto has a special gift except for Mirabel and a theory suggests that each gift and lack of it is linked to each Madrigals flaws. Although Disney has explored a variety of genres and styles for decades the Mouse House continues to be best known for its animated movies and some of its most recent stories have been a big success thanks to the themes addressed in them. Among them is Encanto directed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard which explored generational trauma through a very special Colombian family.

Encanto takes the audience to Colombia to meet the Madrigals led by matriarch Alma Madrigal a.k.a. Abuela María Cecilia Botero. Years ago while fleeing from an armed conflict Alma lost her husband and was left alone with her baby triplets Julieta Pepa and Bruno and by a miracle her candle got magical qualities keeping them safe from their pursuers and building a sentient house for them which they affectionately call Casita. Since then the candle continued to burn and protected Casita the Madrigals and the whole town while also granting special gifts to each Madrigal descendant – except for Mirabel Stephanie Beatriz. As the only one without a gift Mirabel felt left out of the family leading her to discover many family secrets mostly those about her mysterious uncle Bruno John Leguizamo who disappeared shortly after her failed ceremony.

Through Mirabel and her efforts to keep Casita and her family safe viewers learn that she isnt the only one struggling with inner conflicts anxieties and pressure from society and the family allowing the audience to connect to the characters a lot deeper. A reason for Mirabel not getting a gift isnt given in Encanto making way for a variety of theories on what really happened how the gifts are given what exactly gives the Madrigals their gifts etc and one theory posted on Reddit suggests that each gift is an extension of the Madrigals individual flaws and that also explains why Mirabel didnt get a gift.

Brunos Power Reflects His Depression
Encanto there was a reason why Brunos visions were always bad
Bruno is one of the most powerful members of the Madrigal family and as such he struggled with his gift and how to use it. Bruno can see the future which people around town often associated with bad news mostly because he has trouble understanding and interpreting his visions which ultimately led to him hiding from his family. The theory suggests Brunos power is a result of his depression and difficulty in articulating his needs which led to many misunderstandings between him the family and the rest of the town.

Julietas Power Shows Shes A People Pleaser
Mirabel and Julieta in Encanto
Mirabels mother Julieta has the gift of healing people with her cooking which came in handy quite often as her husband Agustín is accidentprone. Julietas power could be a reflection of her peoplepleasing personality as she cant say no to helping others which she now does through a variety of delicious dishes.

Pepas Power Reflects Her Anxiety
Pepa creating rain in Encanto.
Pepa is Mirabels aunt and she has a very peculiar gift she controls the weather through her mood but with some limitations. It appears that rather than Pepa having control of the weather this reacts to her mood which is quite unstable. Pepas emotions can change very quickly turning a sunny day into a rainy one in less than a second and this has been seen as a reflection of her anxiety. Throughout Encanto Pepa is seen distressed and doing her best to calm herself so the weather is nice but she struggles with that so her gift being an extension of her anxiety issues definitely makes sense.

Isabelas Power Shows Shes A Perfectionist
Encanto Isabelas birthday hidden meanings
Isabela is Mirabels oldest sister and her power is all about flowers as she can pretty much create plants and flowers out of thin air. Isabelas room is filled with flowers and shes seen decorating Casita with all types of beautiful flowers but shes also seen forcing herself to make the most beautiful ones she can in order to meet Abuelas expectations. Isabela is a perfectionist most likely as a result of being the eldest grandchild and thus being constantly pressured by Abuela and this comes out when using her gift. All this brings Isabela a lot of suffering as she cant be her true self as shes constantly striving to be the best especially for Abuela.

Luisas Power Shows Shes Unable To Ask For Help
Luisa in Encanto
Luisa is Mirabels second oldest sister and shes the strongest Madrigal member as her gift is superhuman strength. However Luisa literally and figuratively carries a lot of weight on her shoulders and was understandably overwhelmed by all the obligations and more that were thrown at her not only by Abuela but the town as well. Luisas gift could be a result of her inability to ask for help which eventually led her to a breaking point and she opened up to Mirabel and the audience through the song Surface Pressure.

Dolores Power Reflects How Nosy She Is

Dolores is Pepa and Felixs oldest daughter and Mirabels cousin. Dolores gift is super hearing meaning she can literally hear anything even things she shouldnt be hearing. This is why Dolores had the suspicion that Bruno was still around as she could hear sounds coming from Casitas walls but she mostly used her gift to overhear conversations and to her own benefit such as giving the family fake info about Mariano Isabelas fiancé to freak her cousin out. Dolores is clearly very nosy and this trait could have translated into super hearing when it was time for her to get a gift.

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