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Encanto Images Reveal How Disney Characters Would Look in Real Life

This new Encanto art series imagines what the Disney animated movies Madrigal family would look like if they existed in the real world. New fan art shows what characters from Disneys Encanto would look like in real life. Encanto was the hit Disney animated film from 2021 helmed by Jared Bush and Byron Howard. The film tells the tale of the Madrigal family and their magical powers and of Mirabel (Stephanie Beatriz) the only member of the family not granted any abilities. Encanto features hit songs written by Hamilton and Moana composer LinManuel Miranda and since its release the movie has seen much acclaim from both audiences and critics alike even going on to win the Oscar for Best Animated Feature at the 2022 Academy Awards.

Aside from the songs one of Encantos most defining features is its character and worlddesign. The movie has been hailed for its absolutely stunning visuals which draw heavily from Colombian culture and the animators certainly worked in great detail when creating each Encanto characters look. Each character comes with their own unique look and often their looks will compliment the power which they possess. The character of Bruno (John Leguizamo) alone actually comes with two looks depending on whether he is depicted as his real self or the imagined version of We Dont Talk About Bruno. Of course each character bares that signature Disney look of being a somewhat exaggerated version of reality.

That said for those fans who have wondered what Encantos Madrigal family would look like if they existed in the real world the answer is finally here. Digital artist Hidreley Leli Dião has created realistic looking portraits of each Encanto character using a combination of Photoshop FaceApp Gradiente and Remini (as reported by Upworthy). Diãos images look startlingly real and fans can take a look at versions of Mirabel Luisa Bruno Isabela Camilo Pepa Julieta and Abuela. Check them out below

What is perhaps most impressive about the images is how different they look from their animated counterparts while still being almost instantly recognizable. Perhaps this is due to their eyes while the characters have had most of their more cartoonish features stripped away their eyes all remain that sort of overlylarge shape that all Disney characters possess. It certainly does not ruin the illusion but it does allow the Encanto characters to maintain that Disney magic magic that they have in the film.

Dião has certainly worked hard to bring these characters to life in a very unique way. In fact as shown on Diãos Instagram page Encanto is not the only film that the artist has brought to life. Dião works hard to show people what it would look like to interact with these characters in real life and in turn has perhaps succeeded in bringing the magic that exists in the world of Encanto a little bit closer.


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