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Encanto How Did Mirabel Escape Brunos Room

Mirabel explores Brunos original room in the Madrigal house during a key sequence in Encanto but the movie doesnt explain how she escaped. Mirabels journey in Encanto includes a visit to Brunos former room but how did she manage to escape from it Disneys animated movie follows the Madrigal family where each person is gifted a power – except for Mirabel. These abilities manifest themselves at a young age and come in unison with the Madrigal house transforming their magical room into a place that specifically highlights their abilities. While Mirabel never got any special powers Encanto follows her trying to save the familys power source leading to the investigation of Brunos room.

Although Bruno mysteriously vanished from the Madrigal family years ago Encanto still provides a glimpse at his room as Mirabel explores it. After falling down a sand dune Mirabel must climb a giant winding staircase to enter a secret cave. However it is only after doing this that she discovers a huge chasm is separating the stairs from the caves entrance. This forces Mirabel to get a bit creative and build her own rope swing to get to the other side. Once she is in the cave and collects the shards that show Brunos vision of the future though everything begins to crumble around her and the sand nearly pushes her back off the edge of the chasm.

When Encanto next shows Mirabel she is miraculously outside of Brunos room raising questions about how she managed to escape. Its been a question that has plagued Encanto viewers ever since the movie debuted and the films decision to completely skip past the explanation is quite confusing. There is no direct setup for how she could escape although some have suggested she uses the same rope to swing back across. However the rope would likely be left hanging in the middle of the chasm meaning Mirabel would have to leap and grab onto it midair. She could also have potentially used the rope post left on this side of the chasm to create another swing.

There is also the possibility that in Encanto Brunos room has a secondary entranceexit. Encanto might even tease this earlier in the sequence. As Mirabel climbs the winding stairs to reach the top she says that there must be another way to get up (and down as a result. Perhaps she only found the alternate path once she was on the other side of the chasm. It wouldnt be too difficult to believe Brunos room had another path either as the revelation that he lived in the Madrigal family house and had another secret room sets up his creativity to create alternate paths of travel.

How Mirabel escapes Brunos room is ultimately a small nitpick or Encanto plot hole. Viewers already saw that she was smart enough to engineer a way across the chasm so most could accept that she can do it again somehow. The rats racing across the screen right before the sand pushes Mirabel out of the cave could even be another sign that Bruno had another way to get down from where she was. Since Disney plans to expand the Encanto franchise future projects could potentially a proper explanation for how Mirabel escaped Brunos room.
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