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Encanto Every Gift in the Madrigal Family Ranked

This Disney production won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Here is our ranking of every gift the Madrigal family has from worst to best. Encanto is definitely one of the most successful animated films of recent times with a theme that is far from what Disney usually deals with in its productions. In this 2021 movie we follow the story of the Madrigals a family that lives in Encanto. Each member of this family was given a magical gift with the purpose of helping the people living in the village. Mirabel was the only person not granted a gift but inadvertently becomes the person who must undertake a mission to save her Casita and consequently the magic of Encanto. This film strikes a chord with children with its fun characters and catchy chart topping songs and thrills many adults as it tackles the tough issue of family dynamics and the assigned and immutable roles that each family member must fulfill. This production pleased both critics and audiences worldwide and triggered something that few Disney animated films managed to do to get fans to conspire as outlined by Screen Rants list of fan theories.

At the latest Oscar ceremony Encanto won in the Best Animated Feature category an award that brought some controversy due to the presenters discrediting of the animated genre. Encanto also made it to the music charts with some of its songs particularly with We Do not Talk About Bruno a song that broke a few records. Its soundtrack was such a hit that it will soon be incorporated to Disney in its Sing Along version. A very interesting thing about the songs is how well they describe the characters their gifts and their greatest fears which mostly relate to the burden of their gifts. The vulnerability shown by the family members made them more relatable and drew the audiences adoration as they fantasized about having some of their gifts. However not all the gifts of this family are really blessings. That is why in this article we will review and rank all of them from worst to best.

Pepas gift is probably one of the most valuable of the entire Madrigal family. Weather control is an ability that could be useful on countless occasions to help different towns and cities by making it rain in times of severe droughts or wildfires and even for everyday situations such as keeping the weather from raining during a special event or a vacation to the beach. Nevertheless Pepas gift is ranked at the bottom of this list for one simple reason she cannot control the weather at will rather it depends entirely on her emotions something that is known to be hard to manage. Throughout Encanto she struggles with her emotions repressing her sadness and concerns in order to fulfill her assigned role and provide the town with the weather everyone is waiting for. Because of this Pepas gift may become at times a bit of a curse.

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