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Elle Fanning On the Anticipation of Motherhood for ‘The Great’ and the Darkness of a Deadly Act for ‘The Girl From Plainville’

If we did not have proof of Elle Fannings versatility before now this Emmy season has two strong examples of how she could become a double nominee. Fanning constantly subverts our expectations and that is evident in both The Great and The Girl From Plainville. In one she is hopeful for the fate of a foreign country and in the other she knowingly destroys the life of a family by pushing someone towards suicide. Inexperience and youth is a theme in both of these seasons but the circumstances writing and tone allow Fanning to dazzle us with beautifully complex performances.

Season two of The Great begins as a battleground with Fannings Catherine and Nicholas Hoults Peter attempting to thwart one another with daily attacks inside the palace. Catherine can taste power and the throne – she just has to outwit her debaucherous husband first. Once Catherine succeeds in taking the throne she faces a fear of doing the job justice in a country that doesnt want to be changed.

The first season has a true A to B trajectory for her journey. Along the way she grows in her power for her to learn what she really wants. When you are reading that script you can see that she is getting stronger and she has grown so much. I was curious myself what season would entail and she starts the second season stronger. Of course shes growing up but she takes a couple of steps back in season two when reality hits her a bit when in terms of ruling a country. Its not all just flowery language rousing speeches and my way or the highway. She has to listen. Once you have that power what are you going to do with it Is she a good leader for this country There is a war within herself if she is the right person for this job. She has beautiful progressive ideas but you have to learn to compromise especially with a country that doesnt seem to want to change.

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Pregnancy is not what Catherine expects. She is still quite young and her palette has developed a taste for eating dirt. Seeing Fanning crouch down – with a large pregnant belly – and happily devour the grimy earth is more amusing that you would think it is and she loves how the slippery tone of The Great is its strongest asset. The baby growing in her body was once a security but now her birth could potentially lead to her death from those who wish to yank the power back from Catherine.

Tony McNamara and I talk about this all the time. Shes not just strong because shes incredibly messy. Shes not the most maternal person and she looks at this baby as a ticking time bomb. There was a sense of setting her plans in motion because once the baby was born she could easily be killed. Catherine wasnt thinking about being a mom and whats going to be like. We always play up the truth in the comedy and the drama and I think the drama can sneak up on you. Its very bonkers and out there at times but the stakes are actually very high. We have to play the reality of that. You can get lost in it.

The heart of this Hulu comedy lies in the relationship between Fanning and Hoult. In season two Catherine unexpectedly finds herself wanting the physical attention from her husband despite the fact that she cant stand being in his presence. Peters voracious sexual appetite in court has led to a certain prowess with women but Catherine cannot help but allow her emotions to become involved. It is a constant struggle for her to separate her feelings from her brilliant mind.

Thats a great way to put it. Her heart and her head are battling all the time and that sums her up as a person. Maybe I didnt realize this as much with the first season but her not liking Peter on some unconscious level sees herself in him. Thats so scary to her. Peter knows her better than anyone else – I do believe that. There is a bit of him in her like that and she doesnt want to admit that. That leads to a lot of her frustration. Hes not just a bumbling idiot and thats the genius of Nicholas Hoult.

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Seeing Fanning embody Michelle Carter in The Girl From Plainville is shocking because we know the crime that was committed. The eightpart limited series shows this bright curious young woman who longs for a huge emotional experience in the form of love and devotion and Fanning pulls us in with her easy charm and big smile. How did this girl convince someone to take their own life

The courtroom scenes are particularly engrossing but Fanning doesnt say a word the entire time. She listens to people get up on the stand and talk about how much they didnt like Michelle Carter and I was curious as to what Fanning thought was inside Carters mind.

The courtroom phase was something I really locked in on because thats the phase that is so publicly known. It was on People Magazine and splashed on television. Her side wasnt shown and neither was Conrads. He was labeled as the victim and she was the reason why he did it.

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