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Elizabeth Olsen Reacts To XMen In The MCU Question With Feige Reference

Elizabeth Olsen reacts to the XMen potentially appearing in the MCU while saying the decision is ultimately up to Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige.

Elizabeth Olsen talks about the XMen potentially appearing in the MCU saying the decision depends on Marvel Studios CEO Kevin Feige. Olsen recently reprised her role as Scarlet Witch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and last year received an Emmy nomination for her lead performance as the character in WandaVision. Outside of the MCU shes known for her parts in 2014s Godzilla Wind River and Ingrid Goes West.

XMen follows a team of superheroes who have unique genetic traits that give them superhuman abilities. The XMen film series which includes movies like XMen Deadpool and Logan ran for 20 years after the name and characters were licensed to 20th Century Fox by Marvel. Marvel Studios then obtained the rights in 2019 after Disney acquired Fox concluding the series with The New Mutants in 2020 leaving the door open for the characters to appear in the MCU.

In an interview with HollywoodLife Olsen expressed interest in playing Scarlet Witch in a new XMen movie since the character was a big part of that team in the comics. She says its up to Feige to figure out if and how the characters should be added to the MCUs already massive roster. Olsen also doesnt rule out the possibility of a standalone Scarlet Witch movie with that project being a good jumpingoff point to bring in more XMen. Read Olsens quote below
I mean apparently were bringing in the XMen and shes part of that franchise so where is Kevin Feige in here?

After the acquisition Feige made the announcement that the XMen will eventually be added to the MCU. Feige has also previously said that the MCUs take on the XMen will be very different from the Fox series of films. However no concrete plans have been announced for standalone movies or which characters the franchise will focus on. The only two exceptions to this are Deadpool 3 which is currently in development at Marvel Studios and Charles Xavier Patrick Stewart who recently appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

With Marvel Studios acquiring the rights to XMen it isnt a surprise that the MCU will bring in the characters at some point in time and given the ridiculously high returns every MCU film gets the franchise clearly has the time and resources to bring in the team whenever they choose. The MCU seems too big to fail at this point and it seems every decision Feige makes will bring them more success and bringing in characters that filmgoers already recognize will make it an even easier decision to make. Olsen could be the face of new XMen films but fans will have to just wait and see.


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