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Elden Ring NPD Sales Continue To Impress In New Report

Elden Ring continues to be one of the bestselling debut IPs of all time without caveats attached like Cyberpunk 2077s instant dropoff after its initial 13.7 million sales in its first three weeks. Rather Elden Ring sold 12 million copies in its three weeks and has stayed on top of the NPD charts this month as the bestselling game released. It is the number one selling game of 2022 according to the NPD and that seems likely to continue to be true until at least the fall when a new Call of Duty arrives. And speaking of Call of Duty Elden Ring is now the second bestselling game of the last twelve months behind only Call of Duty Vanguard itself.

Heres the NPD list for March 2022

Elden Ring Gran Turismo 7 MLB The Show 22 Horizon Forbidden West Pokemon Legends Arceus WWE 2K22 Call of Duty Vanguard Strange of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin You can see some new entries on there but many classics like Mario Kart 8 and Vanguard stay on lists like these indefinitely with incredible longtail sales. Keep in mind that the NPD is US sales so this isnt some Japanboosted placement from Elden Ring its a truly massive hit in the West unlike anything weve seen from Dark Souls or Bloodborne before it as beloved as those games have been.

Elden Ring
As we look toward the end of the year I dont think theres anything that can compete with Elden Rings sales short of the new Call of Duty itself Activision has said theyre taking off 2023 not 2022 remember. There are high profile games coming like Starfield and God of War Ragnarok if they hit their proposed release windows but those are Xbox and PlayStation exclusive respectively so it seems unlikely theyll be able to match multiplatform sales on PC. Plus Starfield like all Xbox games is day one Game Pass so sales mean almost nothing for most Xbox games these days at least in terms of things like NPD charts.

I also expect Elden Ring to continue to have a long tail as more and more players are convinced they will need to play what seems destined to be GOTY for 2022 in addition to all these sales milestones. Again this is dramatically unlike Cyberpunk 2077 where throughout 2021 sales dropped off a cliff after its initial highs once word of mouth moved in the other direction that the game was poor on consoles especially so much so Sony removed it for sale for six months which depressed further sales. Elden Ring has had the benefit of being celebrated by critics and fans immediately which will only bolster mid and long terms sales.

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