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Elden Ring How to Defeat Radagon of the Golden Order

Radagon of the Golden Order provides one of Elden Rings most challenging fights. Heres how to defeat the games penultimate boss. Since its launch Elden Ring has been a huge success capturing the attention of Soulslike veterans and new players alike. With its vast expansive world varied biomes intriguing plotlines and a plethora of hard fought enemy types its fair to say that Elden Ring also has the widest scope of any Souls borne game to date. Still that does not detract from the fact that many of the boss encounters in Elden Ring are punishingly hard. No other boss in the game strikes fear into the heart of the player base quite like Radagon of the Golden Order.

Wielding his signature hammer Radagon serves as Queen Marikas other half and a guardian of the Elden Throne. As the former husband of Rennala he now serves as Queen Marikas consort and is the second Elden Lord. He led the armies of Leyndell against the forces of the Academy of Raya Lucaria the resulting wars gaining him prestige. However neither side was the victor and the results of that war were inconclusive. Radagon now serves as Elden Rings penultimate nonoptional boss.

Breaking Down the Fight Against Radagon

Most of Radagons attacks revolve around lightning. The most common move to look out for is a simple dagger throw charged with electrical energy which can sometimes be repeated twice. Occasionally Radagon will slam the ground sending out shock waves. To avoid dying the player needs to avoid this attack by timing their dodge. Radagon also has a grabbing move that presents a clear danger. If he manages to catch a player hell slam them into the ground twice doing a large amount of damage.

If Radagon slams the ground three times and seems to hang in the air thats the players cue to run in the opposite direction as far as possible. This attack is extremely dangerous if it lands and can result in near instant wipes. Theres also a charge that the player needs to be wary of which is telegraphed by Radagon holding out his hammer to the right. Strategies for Defeating Radagon of the Golden Order There are some essential items the player will need to bring to this encounter to make Radagon an easier foe. The first one is as usual the Mimic Tear a Spirit Ash Summons that allows the player to make a complete copy of themselves. However this summon does not have the best aggro retention which players should keep in mind since Radagon will aggro them after one or two hits.

Lords Divine Fortification is a fantastic incantation to help mitigate holy damage that the player takes. The Black Flame Blade incantation will be a huge help here as Radagon has no resistance to fire based attacks and black flame attacks deal additional damage over time which can really help wear Radagon down. Also do not forget to upgrade a weapon to at least 10. Radagon is open to being staggered and can be broken up to three times so heavy poise damage and an aggressive play style are key here. Dont sit behind a shield and actively counter his attacks. For the Lightning Spear roll or jump out the way and keep distance until it explodes. For the dagger throw simply dodge through them.

For the grab bear in mind the timing of the attack is strange and can often catch a player off guard. Wait about two and a half seconds then roll into Radagon. To avoid Radagons charge simply dodge into him and for his jumping ground slam simply dodge towards Radagon as he lunges down. This makes the area of effect pulse attack easier to avoid. What You Get for Defeating Radagon of the Golden Order
elden ring radagon Unlike other bosses defeating Radagon does not reward the player with any Runes or items. Instead they will be met with a cutscene and the fight with Elden Rings next and final boss begins shortly after.

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