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Elden Ring How To Beat The Godskin Duo

The Godskin Duos Moveset and How to Counter It Strategies for Beating the Godskin Duo Rewards for Beating the Godskin Duo Elden Ring has lots of bosses that inspire both fear and awe in the community. Godrick the Grafteds second phase is terrorinducing but incredibly fun and fighting Rykard is as horrifying as it is visually spectacular. The Godskin Duo are one of these Elden Ring bosses that is incredibly challenging but instills a feeling of relief like none other upon defeat.

Sure theyre some of the only bosses that continually respawn until their Health pool has been depleted and sure the Godskin Nobles rolling attack is frustrating to deal with. The reward for beating them is useful though and the Godskin Duo is more intimidating than they are dangerous if you know how to use the arena to your advantage. The Godskin Duos Moveset and How to Counter It Elden Ring Guide Godskin Duo Noble Apostle Boss Fight Rolling Attack

The Godskin Duo is made up of a Godskin Noble and a Godskin Apostle. You may recognize these enemies from the Temple of Eiglay in Volcano Manor and Windmill Village in the Altus Plateau. In Crumbling Farum Azula the Godskins are fought separately with a shared Health pool. When one is defeated it will reappear a short while later as long as there is Health remaining in this shared pool. Because of this its a good idea to put most of your efforts towards taking down one of the Godskins at a time as this leaves the remaining one much more vulnerable until their partner comes back.
Godskin Noble Wide Rapier

CloseRange Stomp The Noble will rear up in closerange and do two stomps in quick succession. Can be avoided by dodging to the opposite side of the stomp or away from the Noble. Noble Presence The Noble releases a quick blast of Black Flame energy in all directions like the Incantation of the same name. Doesnt deal much damage but can interrupt attacks on a dime. Flurry Thrust The Noble rears back and lunges towards the player to close a huge distance then rapidly stabs them several times before finishing with a powerful thrust. The flurry can be avoided by dodging to the left or right then wait about half a second to dodge the heavy thrust.

Rolling Attack Only when at 50% Health the Godskin Noble will regularly leap into the air turn sideways while expanding and continuously roll in the players direction to deal huge Health damage. You can dodge left or right to avoid being hit but its a better strategy to get a broken pillar between you and the boss so it gets stuck on the environment leaving it wide open for attacks.
Godskin Apostle Tall Shotel

Spinning Weapon Just like the Ash of War the Godskin Apostle will rapidly spin its weapon in front to hit the player over and over again. Deals medium damage but will hit over and over again if you dont get out of the way. Can be dodged by sprinting backwards as soon as you see the Apostle begin to spin its Shotel Twinblade. Jumping Attack The Apostle leaps into the air and crashes down after a short delay dealing massive damage in a wide area of effect. When the Apostle leaps into the air sprint the opposite direction and dodge away right as the attack is about to land which will leave the Apostle open for an attack or two.

Body Stretching Cleave Only when below 50% Health the Apostle will stretch out its body across an enormous area and cleave the player over and over again. This is very hard to avoid but you can dodge behind the boss to get out of the way of these attacks and get some swings in while it shrinks back. Slam and Cleave The Apostle extends upwards and stabs downwards followed by a quick cleave over a large area. Sprint backwards or dodge to the side to avoid the initial slamming attack then get behind the Apostle to avoid the followup.

Unique Black Flame Spells The Apostle has two unique Black Flame abilities a Black Flameinfused Twinblade combo that ends with an AoE explosion and a burst of Black Flame cast in a forward arc as the Apostle spins its body around. Avoid the Twinblade combo by staying out of range of the followup AoE explosion and avoid the arcing Black Flame attack by dodging towards the Apostle the hitbox for the attack is further away so this essentially gives a few seconds of free hits while the Apostle recuperates.
Shared Abilities of the Godskin Duo

Stab Combos The Godskin Noble will has several moves that begin with a longrange stab to close distance most often followed by a flurry or a powerful overhead slam. The Godskin Apostle can either stab downwards and follow up with an uppercut or stab forwards then rapidly pull its Twinblade back dealing damage for both the initial hit and retraction. Black Flame Both the Godskin Noble and the Godskin Apostle can cast a regular Black Flame Incantation. It is different from the one players can use as it has a much longer range – almost the entire boss arena. The Godskin Apostle tends to use the spell more often while the Godskin Noble prefers to stay in closequarters combat and both will use this spell when players attempt to heal. Black Flame Ritual Black Flame Ritual is an explosion of Black Flame pillars in a circle around the caster. Both the Godskin Apostle and Godskin Noble can use this ability though the Godskin Apostle will use it much more often than the Noble.

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