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Elden Ring Fan Makes Artisan Keycap of Alexander the Iron Fist

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring has been out for about six months now, and, despite the developer keeping mum on any major upcoming updates or DLC offerings, the game’s community has remained active and invested. From fan art and cosplays to the internet-famous Elden Ring cult icon Let Me Solo Her, the fandom surrounding the ultra-hard high fantasy title seems likely to persist for years to come. The latest fan-made effort of particular interest comes from Reddit user dylpickle300, who created a custom keycap commemorating Iron Fist Alexander.

A lovingly-rendered custom figure, this rendition of the beloved Elden Ring character is almost too good to be used for its intended purpose. While Alexander’s bulky body seems like it might make for a weird typing experience, the short clip posted to r/EldenRing proves that the keycap is of sturdy make—something that, unfortunately, cannot be said about Alexander himself.

A stalwart warrior, Alexander can be found in several spots across The Lands Between, though, as is so often the case with NPCs in FromSoftware games, his story ends in tragedy. Following Iron Fist Alexander’s questline to completion sees the player duke it out with the Warrior Jar who, despite his best efforts, falls apart after just a few hits. It’s a tough moment for all living jar fanatics, but at least this player will be able to keep his memory alive with each press of the escape key.Fan-made Elden Ring mini figures seem to be particularly popular of late. From a slightly petrifying but well-made tin foil conversion of Ranni the Witch to a huge 3D print of one of the game’s Walking Mausoleums, more than a few fans seem to enjoy crafting IRL versions of their favorite in-game characters. In fact, dylpickle300 wasn’t the only fan to produce a statue of Iron Fist Alexander. Roughly a month after the game came out, RutoSenpai 3D printed and hand-painted an Alexander model that looks capable of withstanding a mighty wallop.

While the fan-favorite Warrior Jar probably won’t be returning, some have speculated that the living jars could play a role in an upcoming DLC. Many have connected Elden Ring’s three locked colosseum areas to potential new content, and one of them happens to be guarded by a massive living jar known as The Great-Jar. Currently, he offers the player a series of challenges and rewards them with Great-Jar’s Arsenal Talisman, but some believe that he’ll be moved or re-purposed should the colosseum he guards indeed play a role in upcoming content.

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