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Edens Zero Announces Its Season 2 Order

Edens Zero fans you can finally rest easy. After plenty of online speculation the anime has confirmed it is getting a new season. Hiro Mashimas latest series will be getting a new slate of episodes and were sure Happy is pretty – well – happy about the whole ordeal.

The update comes from the anime firsthand as Edens Zero posted the news on its official Twitter. It was there fans were given a new key visual for the show but few details about season two were shared overall. Everyone thank you for your patience the announcement reads. The animes second season has been approved. Details such as its broadcast debut will be reported later so please look forward to it!

As you can see above the Edens Zero poster shows Shiki holding up two fingers to signal the upcoming season. He is joined by his friends Rebecca and her cat Happy as always. Of course the characters designs should look familiar as Mashima does have an aesthetic to uphold. The leads look like they just came from Fairy Tail or Rave Master so fans of those series will have an easy time watching Edens Zero if theyve not already.

If you want to binge the anime you can find Edens Zero streaming stateside on Netflix. As for its manga the series is released by Kodansha so you can find it simulpublishing through Crunchyroll. Hard copies of the manga can also be found online if youd rather buy physical volumes! Have you caught up on Edens Zero yet? What do you want to see from the animes second season? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter MeganPetersCB.

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