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Drew Barrymore makes confession about divorce amid debate with co-star

Drew Barrymore makes shocking confession about divorce amid sentimental discussion Amid Kaley Cuocos bold confession that shell never get married again following her recent divorce from Karl Cook Drew Barrymore is backing the actress up revealing that she couldnt agree more. The star had a sentimental debate with her cohost Ross Mathews during her shows opening segment Drews News where the two had opposing opinions about second third and fourth marriages. Drew was married to Will Kopelman from 2012 to 2016. They share daughters Olive and Frankie and shes previously confessed divorce was the hardest thing shes ever been through. Still though he has since remarried she has maintained that the two are on great terms and that she loves his new wife.

Drew reacts to Britney Spears heartfelt tribute to her When the cohosts first announced the headline they were about to discuss they immediately made their disagreement clear with Ross admitting: Im not a big fan of this about Kaleys marriage statement. He told his cohost: You may be saying now Drew Im never getting married again but what about one day thirty years from now you meet someone who is your person… Maybe then youd change your mind The star didnt hold back shaking her head no as he posed his question and quickly defiantly stating Nope absolutely not as soon as he stopped talking. Drew has said she still spends time with Will and his family

Explaining her position she said: Its not that youre not a romantic anymore or that you judge other people and you dont want to be at their weddings… its almost like you realize youre not good at this thing and you dont want to try it anymore.She reasoned that: If you breakup you breakup its not the worlds biggest deal but divorce feels like such a I dont feel like I can take it again. Drew and her oldest daughter Frankie in 2017 Her show partner came around and understood her position endearingly saying how he hoped she would come around and if she ever did he wouldnt tell her I told you so. Drew though she seemed adamant about never getting married again from the start left both Ross and fans with a glimmer of hope telling him: I hope that one day I eat my own words I do. Like this story Sign up to our newsletter to get other stories like this delivered straight to your inbox.

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