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Dragon Age Origins: Some Best Skills And Talents For Rogues

Here are the best Skills and Talents you should choose to make the strongest Rogue in Dragon Age: Origins.To be a rogue in Dragon Age is to be a versatile jack-of-all-trades in wit and blade and prowess with an arsenal of tools belted on your waist. Excluding the DLC of Dragon Age Origins Awakening the rogue has five unique trees of class-specific talents. While many are activated and several are passive others can be utilized outside of combat. With a limited number of points to allot every choice counts. Here are the talents and skills most beneficial to crafting a self-sufficient rogue that can cheerfully tackle the dilemmas in Origins on their own.

Silver-Tongued Guile
Dragon Age Origins Skills Talents Tree Rogue Point Allotment Coercion
Coercion suits all three classes in Origins. Its quite rare for anyone to go without raising this skill to at least its second ascension but there are players who do choose to go without it. However unlocking the top tiers of the Coercion Tree breaks nearly all dialogue and scenario limitations you would otherwise face if you didnt have them. A rogues talents are affected by strength and cunning but more-so cunning.

As it turns out a rogue built with more cunning than strength will take significantly more diplomatic and manipulate dialogue routes than one built primarily with strength. Charming speakers can get themselves money side-quests weapons and gear through their talking as well making this talent very useful in more ways than one.

Happy Harvesting
Dragon Age Origins Talents Skills Tree Rogue Points Stealing
Stealing like Coercion is a skill available for all classes. However picking pockets doesnt make you feel half as guilty when youre a rogue. In fact it feels like itd be a crime to waltz around the streets and not pilfer a wallet or two. And just like Coercion enabling your rogue talents in Stealing opens up side-quests and opportunities in dialogue youd otherwise be remiss of. Plenty of NPCs have coin waiting for you to snag and at the highest level shields and books and gear.

Money is hard to collect in Origins and as a result unless you dig your hands into the sordid coming across large sums of coins to purchase materials and armor and weapons is even harder. Embrace the talent wholeheartedly.

Deft Deftness
Dragon Age Origins Deft Hands Talents Skills Point Rogue
Deft Hands is a nifty set of talents to invest a point or two in. Its essential to lock-picking noticing traps disarming traps and being able to craft traps. At its highest tier youll be able to sense dangerous traps that could potentially wipe out your party before you walk into them. While it might not be so useful in the later stages of the game as more battle-heavy abilities are relied upon in the early game and in a small scattering of side-quests Deft Hands deftly comes in handy. You can even follow along with different dialogue branches once you have it unlocked. Keep in mind any rogue in your party can have the role of designated trap-maker passed onto them if youd like to focus your personal skills elsewhere but when it comes to sensing traps and warning you about them Leliana and Zevran wont be giving you a shout-out.

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