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Dragon Age Inquisition — 8 Ways Its The Best Game In The Series

Dragon Age Inquisition is the third entry in its franchise and might also be the best yet thanks to its ambition engaging story and other factors. Split image showing the cover of DA I and Solas. Dragon Age Inquisition came out in 2014 to critical and commercial success. Hailed as one of the best video games of all time Inquisition was the most ambitious entry in its franchise pushing Thedas boundaries further than ever before. The games legacy prevails and the many hints about Dragon Age 4 have fans revisiting the first three games in the series. Each one is unique and excels in different areas but its undeniable that Inquisition stands out. Thanks to its ambitious storytelling vast and richly detailed open world and engaging and three dimensional characters Inquisition becomes the best entry in the Dragon Age saga.

Elvhenan Dragon Age
Thedas in Dragon Age Inquisition is vast and sprawling. Every corner hides a secret from the average abandoned shack at the Hinterlands to the many ruins at the Hissing Wastes. Furthermore the game expands on the world with the DLCs which introduce the underground world of dwarves and the ancient world of Elvhenan inspired by ancient Greece in one of the most glaring examples of Dragon Age myths borrowing from real life.

The open world aspect of RPGs enhances the games immersive qualities allowing players to truly get lost in them. Inquisition is a perfect example presenting a far larger world than anything the previous two games did. In doing so the games world rivals creations by George R. R. Martin or Stephen King becoming an enduring part of pop culture. Opportunity To Explore Other Races An elf approaches the court at the Winter Palace in Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts in Dragon Age Inquisition The world of Dragon Age presents four main races humans dwarves elves and Qunari. The first two games featured many side characters representing these races but the main player was always human. Inquisition flipped the script by allowing the Inquisitor to be any of the four races.

This seemingly small change had massive implications in world. Dwarves elves and Qunari have complicated relationships in Thedas so making the Inquisitor one of them was nothing short of a revolution for the continents politics. Furthermore players learn more about the intricacies of these races via specific dialogue and interactions with NPCs expanding the franchises already impressive lore. Compelling Romances The Inquisitor romances and shares a moment with Dorian on the Sky hold balcony at the end of the game in Dragon Age Inquisition Romance is a crucial part of Bio Wares games. The studios two main franchises Mass Effect and Dragon Age feature romantic relationships prominently presenting compelling stories of love between their many characters. Previous entries in Dragon Age presented compelling romances — Alistair Morrigan Zevran Fenris — but Inquisition has arguably the best love stories in the series.

Every romance feels unique and complex. Not all have happy endings. Indeed some are tragic and culminate in lovers separating. Still each is worth the time invested with players learning new things about their romantic partners. The writing in the game adds a distinctive element to each romance pushing boundaries by including S&M elements in Bulls relationship or issues of trauma mental health and addiction in Dorian and Cullens romances.

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