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Dragon Age 4 Could Have Two of the Most Unique Companions in the Franchise

While very little is known about Dragon Age 4 there are hints that potentially two of its companions have never been seen in the franchise before. dragon age 4 companions Not much is currently known about Dragon Age 4 although reports point toward late 2023 as a potential release window. Itll be exciting if that happens and perhaps if that is the case fans can expect more Dragon Age 4 news near the end of the year and into the next. One thing many fans are excited about is the companions past and new.

Solas is returning as a villain and with Dragon Age 4 set in Tevinter Dorian seems like a shooin as well. Varric got a little time in one of its early trailers too so the crew is coming together in one form or another. For new companions some believe that a Grey Warden will be among them and others think the above image is potentially a silhouette of at least some of them. A female Qunari would definitely be super exciting to see but it wouldnt be the most unique thing in the franchise. True they are rare but two potential companions stand out even more.

Dragon Age 4 is Currently in the Middle of Production
Dragon Age 4 – An Executor Companion The character on the far right is eye catching. It could be the result of some form of necromancy but they appear to have a skulllike face with blue flames attached to it. That in and of itself is a common image associated with necromancy but for a character to bear it is different. Theres a solid chance that this character is one of Dragon Ages executors a thusfar unseen race who are in Thedas from lands unknown.

Dragon Age Inquisition showed an Executor symbol perhaps tying them to lands of water beyond Thedas and it seems they have some interest in Solas plan for the Veil. One short story for Thedas talks about the Executor disguising themselves heavily with a gender distinguishing tone. Perhaps they can shapeshift or perhaps they disguise themselves often because of their unique appearance. It is possible that this character is NOT an Executor but then if players got an Executor a blue flame skull character and a Dwarven Mage it would certainly stand out.

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