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Downton Abbey: A New Era’s Raquel Cassidy teases a ‘romantic’ Baxter and ‘the most amazing, sumptuous ride’ of a sequel

Downton Abbey star Raquel Cassidy has teased that fans are in for an amazing sumptuous Downton ride when the new sequel film releases in cinemas next Friday.The hugely popular TV series created by Julian Fellowes is finally back with its second film – Downton Abbey A New Era later this month after multiple release delays.Star Raquel is sworn to secrecy over the giving away too much detail of the storylines involved inthe next instalment which might not be the last however she shared a few juicy titbits regarding whats in store for fans as well as her character the Countess of Granthams Elizabeth McGovern ladys maid Phyllis Baxter.Discussing what she was particularly excited for viewers to see this time around the actress revealed that there were things she found exquisite about the new film but was careful not to divulge too much.

I went and saw it at a little screening in anticipation of talking to people about it and from the moment it begins youre like Wow were in for the most amazing sumptuous Downton ride she told Metro.co.uk.I just think if I could experience that much excitement as someone whos actually been in it then Im so thrilled for the fans because I think Simon Curtis the director and the whole team have knocked it out the park I really do.The trailer has revealed a split between two major locations that of Downton Abbey which is seemingly turned into a film set and a villa in the south of France mysteriously bequeathed to the Dowager Countess of Grantham Dame Maggie Smith.Baxter is in the group that travels to France which she equates to going to the moon for her character.

Im not sure that this scene that weve filmed actually makes it into the final cut because its so many stories and everything but shes actually very excited about going to France explained Raquel. I think her only lack of excitement this definitely hasnt made it into the final film is that shed like to take Mr Molesley with her.She added Theres definitely a wedding. And I think the romantic side of Baxter is really prevalent. Whenever I step into Baxters shoes there always seems to be a bit of a theme and where maybe towards the end of the series and in the last film there was longing maybe in this film shes so thrilled to be going to France because its like going to the moon. It would be as if you or I were told Ready steady get packed were going to the moon which actually that would terrify me but shes not terrified. Shes absolutely thrilled.Discussing the new locations affect on butler Mr Carson she revealed that France seems to terrify Mr Carson Jim Carter in his sort of rambunctious way but Baxter is just thrilled.

I think the only thing is because she knows whats happening back at the big house she is worried that Mr Molesley might put his foot in it because he reveals himself to be this this film lover this cine lover.Speaking of their sweet bond which has seemed to teeter on the edge of romance before Raquel who has also earned fans as strict teacher icon Miss Hardbroom in the recent CBBC reboot of The Worst Witch continued I think shed like to take him to protect him but shed also love to see this Hollywood by the sea this moon. Shed like to do the moon landing with Mr Moseley.She doesnt get to do that because he doesnt go to France.Newcomers Dominic West Hugh Dancy and Laura Haddock also join Downtons swelling ranks as new characters joining stalwarts including Michelle Dockery Hugh Bonneville Laura Carmichael Allen Leech Joanne Froggatt and Brendan Coyle. Downton Abbey A New Era is out in cinemas on April 29.


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