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Does Stella Kidd die on Chicago Fire?

Stella Kidd Miranda Rae Mayo has been through lots of ups and downs on Chicago Fire. The character has had relationships fall apart professional setbacks and an upcoming wedding that may or may not go smoothly. That said as we approach the season 10 finale the question arises does Kidd die on Chicago Fire? Fans have started to ask this question and so we thought it would be the perfect time to look at Kidds past and future to determine if shes in any mortal danger. Heres what you need to know.

Is Kidd going to die in the Chicago Fire season 10 finale?
Kidd is one of the few Chicago Fire characters who hasnt had a close call on the show. Most of the 51 members have been in a situation where their life was on the line either due to error or a close call but Kidd has had luck on her side for nearly every call. Granted fans catching up with season 10 may be confused by the lengthy stretch in which Kidd is missing inaction. She decided to go on the road to promote her Girls on Fire program which led to her being gone much longer than anyone including her fiance Severide Taylor Kinney anticipated. Kidd comes back safe and sound and while things with Severide are initially shaky the couple find a way to overcome their differences and move on with their wedding plans. Its been teased that they will encounter even more issues on their wedding day but based on what the showrunners have stated Kidd is going to be alive and mostly well.

That being said its a valid concern. Fire star Joe Minoso recently told Us Weekly that the cast grow anxious whenever they approach the end of a season because they never know if someone is going to bite the dust. This time of year especially everybodys like Oh man whats gonna happen in the finale? Whats gonna happen in the finale? Were all freaking out every year Minoso stated. No one is ever safe. And you try to say I feel like pretty good. We cant wait to see who makes it out of the season 10 finale unscathed.


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