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Doctor Whos 14th Doctor Repeats Matt Smiths Best Casting Trick

Doctor Who has officially announced Ncuti Gatwa as the Fourteenth Doctor and his casting shares an exciting common thread with Matt Smith.

Ncuti Gatwas Doctor Who casting evokes memories of Matt Smiths introduction and that connection bodes well for the Fourteenth Doctors future. After almost a full year of speculation Doctor Whos next Doctor is officially announced with Sex Educations Ncuti Gatwa taking the Time Lord honors. Jodie Whittaker makes her final Doctor Who appearance later in 2022 departing alongside current showrunner Chris Chibnall. Gatwa was instead chosen by Chibnalls incoming successor Russell T.

Davies who returns to Doctor Who showrunning duties after initially departing in 2010. Reaction to Ncuti Gatwas Doctor Who casting has been largely positive thus far with many hailing the actors comedic performance as Eric Effiong in Sex Education as a promising foundation for his TARDIS tenure. Further strengthening Gatwas case is the long list of awards and nominations collected throughout his relatively short career. Though Ncuti Gatwa gives Doctor Who fans plenty of reason for excitement his casting also carries echoes of when Matt Smith was first announced as the Eleventh Doctor back in 2009.

Matt Smiths Doctor Who casting was notable for two groundbreaking reasons. Though hes since conducted a veritable tour of major franchises Marvel Terminator Game of Thrones nearly Star Wars very few had heard Matt Smiths name in 2009. A couple of BBC2 dramas and some theater credits were all confused fans had to go on. At just 26 Smith was also the youngest actor cast as Doctor Whos star an honor he retains to this day.

That youth and anonymity ultimately worked in Smiths favor however as Doctor Whos thenshowrunner Steven Moffat crafted his leading man into a completely fresh Doctor free from the stereotype preconceptions and baggage more experienced actors wouldve bought to the TARDIS. Smiths Doctor mightve taken a season to find his feet but is now fondly remembered among the very best Time Lords a regeneration that defined Steven Moffats era and brought a new flavor to Doctor Who in the wake of Russell T. Davies exit.

Ncuti Gatwa offers a similarly clean slate. Sex Educations Netflix success means Gatwa isnt as totally unknown as Matt Smith circa 2009 but beyond his adventures at Moordale Secondary School the Fourteenth Doctors acting résumé is even shorter than Elevens. Compared to the established preDoctor Who careers of Jodie Whittaker Peter Capaldi David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston Gatwa remains a freshfaced newbie. At 29 Gatwa is also a little older than Smith wouldve been when first crashing into Amy Ponds garden but Fourteen still ranks as Doctor Whos secondyoungest lead tied with Peter Davison.

Just as a young and aspiring Matt Smith grew into the Eleventh Doctor role and defined Steven Moffats premiership Ncuti Gatwas Doctor Who casting brings the same forwardthinking newness to Russell T. Davies return. Arriving unburdened by an extensive back catalog or existing aura of celebrity Gatwa promises a Doctor custommade for the modern generation a repeat of the casting trick that helped make Matt Smiths run so successful.
Following the hugely popular Russell T. Davies Steven Moffat was keen to leave his mark upon Doctor Who and plumping for a young largely unknown lead actor helped achieve that.

As audiences bid farewell to Chris Chibnalls era the need for revolution is considerably more pressing. Recent Doctor Who seasons have seen the TARDIS land in critically murky waters and these poor reactions surely guided the BBC toward rehiring RTD. As Doctor Who finds itself is desperate need of renovation casting a 29yearold with only one major TV role to his name can help bring the wholesale change RTD needs to enact. Matt Smith already proved just how massively gambling on a less familiar face can pay off.


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