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Dexter Fletcher talks about the characters in the movie Gangster and The Godfather TV show The Offer.

I’m pretty sure I was 17 or 18 years old, the actor and director was 56 years old. I lived with a group of actors in a garangi flat in north London and we saw Scarface and then we decided to meet The Godfather. Unfortunately, in the mid-80’s it was not on the cinema but on VHS. Despite this, young Dexter gave the film his thumbs up. Yes, that’s right. At the time, I probably couldn’t explain why I liked it. Only in the past can you go analytically well. It has so many layers that it is so compelling that it has so much power. Brando’s strength Caan’s crude energy and weak outlook on Pacino and Fredo made him gain something for everyone. We see our whole world and our families reflected in it. But it also has layering and cinematography and lighting and all these beautiful details. It’s easy to see why this is a movie that you watch over and over again because it always gives.

Dexter Fletcher attended the 2019 British Academy Britannia Awards presented by American Airlines and Jaguar Land Rover on October 25, 2019 at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California. Presentation EP Dexter Fletcher is being pulled back to the genre of gangster. Four decades after its initial appearance, Rocketman returns to filmmaker The Godfather and returns to the biopic genre with the Paramount show The Offer, which details the stormy creation of the Coppolas Mob masterpiece. Fletcher is both executive producer of the ten-part series and directed the first three episodes of the show, featuring Miles Taylor Godfather as producer, Albert S. Rudy Juno Temple as Rudy’s assistant, Betty McCart, Matthew Gowde, Paramount chief, Robert Evans, and Dan Fogler is working as Coppola.

This is the untold story of Al Rudy, the producer of The Godfather, told by one of his great anonymous heroes, Fletcher who describes Rudy as the man behind the scenes and behind the power and behind the faces we all know. Are He really got this film physically through all the trials and tribulations to make a film that is not sure about making a studio with stars that he did with an inexperienced director and about the mafia. I don’t believe in a movie when no one believes that gangster movies are good now. So yes, that’s exactly how something amazing came out of everything that seems to be a very dead set against its ever-present and all-rounder, and how its raw energy strengthened it.

As a researcher, Fletcher was able to talk to both Rudy and El Pacino, who played Fletcher’s father in the 1985 action drama Revolution. Yes Al Rudy he is still around and very active and literally he says. So he was a great source of information and story. I also sat down with Pacino and talked to him. I have a 30 year old relationship with him. Some of the rest are unfortunately no longer with us. But Robert Evans, who has played such a key role, is himself a prolific documenter with The Kid Cities in the Picture.

Good Fletcher is full of praise and the way he helped the British actor to play the role of Evans, a well-known and immediately recognizable figure in the 70’s filmmaking world.

I had four great directors, but I was definitely guided by the brilliant Dexter Fletcher. I am indebted to him that he not only gave me a job but also gave me the confidence to be able to finish it. Fletcher’s career as an actor includes three notable gangster films: The Long Good Friday Guy Ritchie Lockstock and the first film of Two Smoking Barrels & Fletchers, directed by Alan Parker in the 1976 mob musical Buggy Mellon. I remember Alan Parker telling me to look at the camera and saying I’m a big movie star right now which was really weird because as a kid you said never look at the camera. But there was a moment when I broke down the fourth wall and that was Parker being affected. This is a very funny moment. I remember wearing lots of itchy clothes and holding a big baseball bat and having a lot of fun throwing biscuits at each other with the other kids. I didn’t have to do any singing or dancing which was a shame because I loved it. I remember going to Pinewood Studios for the first time to see the sets, which was very interesting because I was only 9 years old. The Long Good Friday is another gangster movie starring Bob Hoskins. There is no competition yet. That’s really cool. And then lockstock. So you’re right, I have a bit to do with gangster movies. I’m a really nice guy too. I’m not a gangster myself! In recent years, Fletcher has spent more time directing, rather than becoming a Hollywood gothic man, to dramatize recent entertainment history with his films Eddie the Eagle and Elton John’s biopic Rocketman. Of departure

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