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Destiny 2: How To Get The Relic Tether (& What It Does)

The Relic Tether is a new item in Destiny 2 that is part of The Witch Queen expansion and its something that all Guardians need to get as soon as possible. Despite the numerous additions that The Witch Queen expansion brought to Destiny 2 not everything that the game needed at launch was included. Thankfully Bungie has added the Relic Tether to the game which was a desperately needed item when it comes to weapon crafting.As many Guardians have probably experienced since the launch of The Witch Queen expansion the weapon crafting system in Destiny 2 made it difficult to keep track of nearly all crafting materials because they werent located in the inventory. The crafting items called Neutral Element Ruinous Element Adroit Element Mutable Element Energetic Element and Drowned Element were all left out of the inventory despite players earning the resources from various Deepsight Resonance extracts. Unless players were keeping a notebook or manual log of everything it was difficult to keep track of how many of each material they had before they began crafting a weapon. Once the crafting menu was open in the Enclave on Mars then the number of various elements would be visible. The Relic Tether changes everything.

Thanks to the Relic Tether players can now keep track of all their crafting materials in Destiny 2 within their inventory. The Relic Tether is one singular item that converges all six of the aforementioned elements into one nice space making it easy to check on which elements players should extract as they complete Deepsight Resonance weapons. Even if there isnt a specific weapon that players are looking to craft the Relic Tether allows Guardians to keep track of which element they may be short on so they can hunt down specifics for the sake of amassing a stockpile.

Where To Get The Relic Tether In Destiny 2

The Relic Tether can be found in the Enclave on Mars specifically from the left interactive area inside the pyramid. Its the same interactive area where some weapon patterns in Destiny 2 can be unlocked through various side quests early on in The Witch Queen expansion. There wont be a mission to claim the Relic Tether but as soon as players land on Mars and head down into the pyramid theyll be guided by a flashing icon on the left. Interact with the pyramid on that side to claim the Relic Tether immediately.The Relic Tether will remain in the players inventory but even if isnt claimed all elements can still be earned in Destiny 2. It is best to grab the item as soon as possible however to help keep track of crafting materials in The Witch Queen expansion.

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