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Destiny 2: How to Get Sweet Sorrow (& God Rolls)

The Sweet Sorrow is a Season of the Risen Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 and its God Rolls are fantastic weapons to use inside of both PvP and PvE activities. The majority of Auto Rifles are versatile choices for any activity even more so when artifacts mods for the weapon type are part of the current season. Fortunately Sweet Sorrow has an Overload Champion seasonal artifact mod in Season of the Risen which only propels its usage in endgame activities.

Sweet Sorrow is one of the six Season of the Risen Legendary weapons in Destiny 2 which means itll likely be harder to come by as new seasons in The Witch Queen expansion come to pass. Sweet Sorrow has a moderate amount of perks that can be earned with the Auto Rifle and while the majority of them are better suited for PvE content the weapon itself is fantastic in both types of activities. Sweet Sorrow is a Rapid Fire Arc Energy weapon and although it has a much lower range stat than some other Auto Rifle its accuracy and stability help it compete against other types of precision or automatic weapons in the Crucible.Alongside the Come To Pass Auto Rifle in Destiny 2 Sweet Sorrow has a weapon pattern that players can unlock after completing five Deepsight Resonance extractions. With the weapon pattern unlocked players can level up their Sweet Sorrow and equip new perks on the weapon that were already part of the random rolls. This means that Guardians can create the God Rolls for this weapon as well as unlock enhanced perks that improve performance. After five Deepsight Resonance extractions for Sweet Sorrow have been completed its weapon pattern can be claimed from the patterns and catalysts menu under the triumphs tab.

How To Get Sweet Sorrow and God Rolls

Sweet Sorrow can be obtained by completing PsiOps Battlegrounds missions from the H.E.L.M. in Destiny 2 and the War Table through Umbral Engrams. Additionally Deepsight Resonance Sweet Sorrows can also be earned through the War Table making it easier to complete the weapon pattern requirements. Whether players are satisfied with the RNG weapon or the crafted one these are the God Roll perks for Sweet SorrowAuto Loading Holster and Vorpal Weapon synergize well in Destiny 2 for endgame PvE content while Killing Wind and Tap the Trigger help make Sweet Sorrow even more stable inside of PvP. Perpetual Motion is just a great perk overall for the weapon while Demolitionist is another fantastic option for players who have a grenade focused build in Destiny 2.

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