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Destiny 2: Every Character Stat (& How They Work)

In Destiny 2 a Guardians character stats is one of the most important aspects of the game. There are six character stats in Destiny 2 that impact a number of features such as health regeneration strafing speed damage resistance and more. These stats are called Mobility Resilience Recovery Discipline Intellect and Strength. Although the game provides summaries for what each of the stats does in truth there is much more than meets the eye.Each stat is measured on a tiered scale that begins at 0 and ends at 100. Individual stats can reach more than 100 but no additional benefit is provided beyond that cap. Furthermore every 10 points invested into a stat bumps it up to the next tier so for example a Mobility stat that has 21 points provides the same benefit as one with 29. These types of factors play a significant role when creating the best builds in Destiny 2 regardless of the Guardian class chosen.

Armor plays a huge role in the tier level of the character stats and four out of the five pieces of gear that Guardians can equip have all six stats randomly split up with different points. For example a helmet may have 19 Mobility 6 Resilience 10 Recovery 9 Discipline 10 Intellect and 7 Strength for a total of 61 points. Wearing it will automatically boost the Mobility Recovery and Intellect stats up one tier while Resilience Discipline and Strength remain in the previous tier. All character stats will be immediately increased from a base value of zero when helmet arms chest and leg armor pieces are all equipped. Furthermore with Ascendant Shards Enhancement Cores Enhancement Prisms and Legendary Shards in Destiny 2 players can Masterwork all gear to provide an additional +2 points to each stat including the class armor. If the previous armor example was Masterworked the 19 Mobility would increase to 21 bumping the stat up to Tier 2.

Every Character Stat In Destiny 2

Mobility Resilience and Recovery are all part of the first subgroup of character stats while Discipline Intellect and Strength are all part of the second subgroup. For each subgroup the total amount of points that Legendary armor can have is 34 points before armor mods. Armor Mods can also be equipped to each piece of armor to increase a single character stat by +5 or +10 but there are also certain elemental mods that can increase or decrease any stat as well. The highest that any single stat can be in a subgroup is +30 which would leave the other two stats at +2 points each. This also means that two stats in the same subgroup could never be higher than 16 points for any piece of high stat armor in Destiny 2.

How To Get High Stat Armor In Destiny 2

There is a myriad of activities and items that players can use to get high stat armor but the exact stat split on any given armor piece is impossible to manipulate perfectly. The only way that stats on newly earned armor can be affected is through the Armorer Mods on a Ghost which guarantee a minimum of 10 points to whichever of the six types of mods is selected. For example the Recovery Armorer mod guarantees that armor pieces with random stats will have a guaranteed minimum of 10 Recovery and are more likely to drop with a higher value of that stat as well.

The Best Character Stats For Hunters Titans & Warlocks

There isnt a right or wrong way to distribute stats in Destiny 2 for any class. Instead it comes down to which stats will help this particular build the most. In general all classes should have a +100 Recovery stat because this means they can duck in and out of fights more frequently without being abused so easily. Additionally a Resilience stat of at least +50 is great as well as this allows Guardians to stand a fighting chance against some of the tougher opponents in both PvE and PvP content. For example Guardians with low Recovery and Resilience will have a difficult time against opponents in Destiny 2s Trials of Osiris because its a highly competitive PvP mode. Even using the same weapons as any opponent wont matter if these stats are too low.

Since the first subgroup of character stats all impact each class ability cooldown players should also consider having a higher stat for that particular class. For example Hunters should seek to have a higher Mobility stat than either Titans or Warlocks because their Class Ability is directly impacted by that stat. Likewise Titans should also focus on a higher Resilience than either of the other two classes while Warlocks already benefit from being able to focus on a high Recovery stat. This doesnt mean that every Titan or Hunter needs to have their respective Class Ability stats at Tier 10 but it is something that should be kept in mind while looking for more high stat armor.The Exotic armor in Destiny 2 that players have equipped will also play a role in which of the second subclass of characters players should have a focus in. There are many Exotic armor pieces in the game that have a direct impact on the grenade melee and Super abilities whether it be a fast recharge rate under certain conditions additional damage or damage resistance a secondary charge or more. Additionally the equipped subclass that is being used namely Void Solar Arc or Stasis can impact which character stats should be focused on as well as which Exotic armor piece is equipped.

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