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Death Note: Short Stories Brings One-Shots To Print, Including That Infamous Trump Story

On May 10 Viz Media is releasing Death Note Short Stories under its Shonen Jump imprint. This manga collects a few stories from the Death Note world as well as the infamous one from February 2020 about former US President Donald Trumps goal to buy the Death Note.  Available for preorder now through various retailers on Viz Media the 226 page manga will cost $15 and it is written by Tsugumi Ohba with art by Takeshi Obata. You can check out a few images from the manga below which includes some of the story aKira the aforementioned Trump tale.

death Note originally ran from 200406 in the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The story originally follows Light Yagami a teenager who finds the Death Note. This Death Note book gives the user the ability to kill peopleand Light becomes a potatoeating vigilante extracting justice on those he deems worthy. He meets Ryuk the books former owner who also happens to be a Shinigami a supernatural spiritor death god if youre looking for a direct translation.

While its been 16 years since the main Death Note story came out theres been a sprinkle of new content here and there. The anime series of the same name came out in late 2006 and ran until 2008with two TV specials airing in 2009. There was a liveaction mini series in Japan in 2015 which is highly rated. And then theres the infamous Netflix movie from 2017 starring Nat Wolff The Stand as Light LeKeith Stanfield Atlanta as L and Willem Dafoe SpiderMan as the voice of Ryuk.

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