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Death in Paradise star Ralf Little speaks out on ‘vindication’ of Neville Parker

Ralf Little took on the role of Neville Parker midway through season nine of Death in Paradise. The detective replaced Jack Mooney played by Ardal OHanlon who left Saint Marie to be with his daughter in the UK. Nevilles team and BBC viewers at home took some time getting used to the detectives quirky mannerisms as he appeared to be allergic to everything on the island.Despite facing a backlash from viewers at the time for Nevilles annoying habits fans have warmed to the detective.Speaking in a new interview the actor opened up about his role and how Neville became important to fans.Ralf began There was a gorgeous article from a journalist who wrote an article basically saying how Neville Parker in Death in Paradise is a really important character for someone like me.

Someone they said [who] struggles with going out and being gregarious has a little bit of social anxiety is allergic to certain things.Ralf continued It felt like a real vindication for choices that wed made for a very serious journalist to say this character spoke to me in a way that so many characters on TV dont. It felt like a real win.We did something very important with Neville that was very realistic and relatable.Series 11 of Death in Paradise came to an end earlier this year and fans were left gutted when Florence Cassell Josephine Jobert decided to leave the show.The detectives departure came after she went on a dangerous undercover mission where she almost got shot.Viewers also watched with anticipation when Neville finally confessed his true feelings for his colleague.However much to his disappointment Florence told Neville she only loved him as a friend.

Despite things being awkward the duo tried to get on with their jobs as usual but it wasnt the same as before.It was then that Florence bid farewell to Saint Marie once and for all.Taking to Twitter the actor penned Thanks to everyone for watching @deathinparadise series 11.It is a privilege to play Neville and lead this fantastic show and it gives me great pleasure to confirm Ill be returning to Saint Marie for series 12.Filming for the upcoming series is expected to begin later this year but will Neville finally find love in Saint Marie?Fans seem to think the detective may fall into the arms of a newcomer Andrina.As series 11 came to a close Commissioner Selwyn Patterson Don Warrington discovered he had a secret daughter.The bombshell was revealed when Selwyns ex wife Maggie Orla Brady came to the island.However some viewers believe Andrina will come to Saint Marie to meet her father and in doing so will spark up a romance with Neville.


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