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Death in Paradise season 12: when do they begin filming?

We absolutely loved Death in Paradise season 11 but since its finale weve only wanted one thing season 12! Although the shows stars including Ralf Little have confirmed that they will be returning for another instalment of the hit BBC series when will filming commence? The show usually films for several months out of the year but it hasnt started filming again quite yet. Ralf who plays DI Neville Parker in the series is currently touring the UK with Will Mellor for Two Pints with Will and Ralf but Don Warrington who plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson opened up about when they might be going back.

He told Radio Times Were still in England we havent started yet. I think we start sometime in May. So I dont know what we will do when we get out there.Although were not quite sure when filming will kick off were very excited for Ralf to return for another stint as our favourite detective! He confirmed that he would be staying on the show following the season 11 finale tweeting Thanks to everyone for watching @Death In Paradise series 11. It is a privilege to play Neville and lead this fantastic show and it gives me great pleasure to confirm Ill be returning to Saint Marie for series 12.

He opened up about where his character might go in season 12 telling HELLO Be wary of the detectives being too happy if theyre too happy theres nowhere else for them to go… but it would be really lovely. One thing Tim Key our exec loves winds me up about is that he never ever wants Neville to look too cool.And Im like Come on man! At the weekends Im an adrenaline junkie I scuba dive snorkelling and jet skiing all this great stuff you can do in the Caribbean. So Id suggest Maybe Neville could be on a jet ski? And Tims like NOT a chance its now a running joke where he is obsessed with never letting me look cool.

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