In just a few short months Americas Got Talent Las Vegas Live at Luxor has established itself as one of the most excitingly diverse productions on the Las Vegas Strip densely packed with comedy music dance acrobatics mentalism and more. The intense dose of danger in the show comes from Alfredo Silva and Aleksandra Kiedrowicz better known as Deadly Games. This act originally wowed TV audiences during AGTs 11th season and has returned on a regular basis and once you witness the duos unbelievable knife throwing feats you qall understand how important they are to this live show.

You have both been performing for many years. Whats it like to bring your talents to the Entertainment Capital of the World

Alfredo I think its a dream for most if not all performers to have a spot in a Vegas show. This is the city of shows but to be here in such a high level show where everybody is just amazing and unique we had to take this opportunity right away and we are honored they invited us to be part of it. And the audience reaction has been really good they love what we do. Each act is so different but when Deadly Games takes the stage the anticipation and tension reach new levels.

Alfredo Its true and thats what they wanted with this lineup and reaching for all those different elements. Deadly Games is there to punch you in the face. Alfredo you are a sixth generation circus artist. How did you settle on throwing knives and the other dangerous skills you have perfected Alfredo I was born and raised in the business and from a young age I knew I would be a performer but I did not know what kind of expertise I would develop. Growing up I was a juggler a clown I did trapeze and different things but when I would watch my father and grandfather perform crazy stunts the louder the applause and the better the reaction. I knew I wanted to be one of those guys getting that applause so I started riding motorcycles in the cage of death when I was 9 and throwing knives when I was 12.

Aleksandra your background is in dance. How did you evolve your skills Aleksandra I was trained in jazz modern and ballet and that turned out to be very helpful when I started my journey in aerial performance because I could incorporate those styles into my performance. My act started very feminine and sensual but I had to gain a lot of strength to do aerials. Then I met Alfredo and we combined our skills into one act to make something completely new. It was also a transition from being this delicate flying woman into this sexy powerful partner completely different for me. You two must have built a tremendous amount of trust in each other in order to perform the stunts in the show.

Aleksandra For me it was not that difficult. I knew him already but it was more about starting with very simple tricks to get used to the experience like the noise and also you can feel the wind when the knives fly toward you. But you get used to that. Slowly step by step you introduce more elements and he also has to trust me to move in the right moment and create space for him to throw.

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