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David Tennant and Sherlock made Stanley Tucci want to do Inside Man

Tucci stars as a death row prisoner in Steven Moffat’s mysterious new drama.

As if a new Steven Moffat drama starring David Tennant wasn’t enough to get us excited, the upcoming BBC One series Inside Man also includes Hollywood star Stanley Tucci in its impressive cast And Tucci has revealed that Moffat’s previous work was a huge draw for him when it came to signing on to the project, as was working with an actor like Tennant. What attracted me to the project was the group of people assembled, he said. Steven Moffat, director Paul McGuigan, who I had worked with before, and I love Steven’s writing.

“I loved the Sherlocks and I think he is an amazing writer. I think David Tennant is just a great, great actor and Lydia [West] and Dolly [Wells] too it’s an amazing group of people. Asked about the process of working with Moffat, Tucci said that in some ways it was more like working in theatre than television – in part because of the length of the scenes. It’s wonderful, there’s a lot to do, there’s a lot to say, it’s more like a play in a lot of ways for actors than it is for a television show,” he said, before clarifying: “It’s not shot like a play, it’s shot like a television show.

The length of each scene is much longer than one would normally find so you have to prepare yourself for that,” he continued. “There are very lengthy speeches, lengthy dialogue scenes, but if you’re prepared, it works out. It’s so well written that it’s just fun. Tucci takes on the role of Jefferson Grieff, an American prisoner on death row but beyond the most basic character details, the plot has been kept deliberately under wraps for the show. There’s not long to go until we discover what’s going on though, with the series set to debut on BBC One on Monday 26th September. We can’t wait to find out.

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