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Criminal Minds: Why Aubrey Plaza’s Cat Adams Became A Killer

Heres the backstory behind Criminal Minds serial killer Cat Adams played by Aubrey Plaza. CBS historically has good luck when it comes to producing hit procedurals from CSI to NCIS and their many many spinoffs. One of their most popular arrived in 2005 with Criminal Minds which follows an elite team of FBI profilers who hunt down vicious serial killers. Most episodes saw the Behavioral Analysis Unit BAU having to deal with a new killer or killers with unique motives or methods including the nightmarish likes of Tim Currys Prince of Darkness or C. Thomas Howells George Foyet AKA The Reaper.

Criminal Minds was fronted by a likable group of characters though it rarely shied away from the darkness of the material either. Original star Mandy Patinkin famously exited Criminal Minds following the second season for this very reason claiming the level of violence was destructive to his soul. Criminal Minds not only survived his sudden exit but it continued to run for another 13 seasons wrapping up in 2020. It also produced two spinoffs in Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior and Beyond Borders though both proved short lived.

Criminal Minds season 11 episode Entropy is one of the shows best received which has a lot to do with guest star Aubrey Plaza. She plays Cat Adams a serial killer and hitwoman who is part of a network of assassins the BAU is investigating. Entropy revolves around Reid Matthew Gray Gubler working undercover to try and hire Adams who quickly turns the tables during their date and plans to kill him if he loses her game. The character returned to Criminal Minds where Rachel Nichols exited after season 6 a few times and has a dark backstory. Adams grew up in a violent household where her father Daniel abused her and her mother Laila. Daniel was later sent to prison for the manslaughter of Laila while Cat was sent to a foster home.

After suffering further abuse from her foster father Adams killed him and later sought out Daniel following his release from prison. Despite searching the world Cat couldnt find him and instead became part of the hitman network where she often targeted other men. She earned the nickname Miss .45 and The Black Widow Killer and liked to make her kills personal.Following her capture at the end of Entropy Aubrey Plazas Cat Adams made it her goal to ruin Reids life though her plans were foiled every time. She was eventually executed in the final season of Criminal Minds and is considered one of the shows most chilling unsubs.

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