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Could solar-powered electric vehicles be the future on the road?

We live on a marvellous planet, and though it’s easy to talk about the imminent possibility of moving to Mars, the origins of human life are on Earth. Those of the betting persuasion have better chances trying their luck at a casino than this planet does if human behaviour doesn’t change. The people of the world’s actions to protect their home require more detailed analysis, for sure. Humans are not the only species living on the planet, but they are the only ones who are destroying what used to be a green heaven. The modern digitalised world has all the options to keep the blue planet in its best condition. Of course, humans are not the only creatures in the universe and can’t predict their ultimate end but at least today it’s possible to try to save our home and the creatures who share it with us.

Almost every family today has a car – some more than one – and at this point everyone is more than aware of the cost of refuelling, both in terms of the cash involved, the time taken to fill up and the impact on the environment. That’s an absolutely sure thing. Development never waits, and green pioneers are trying to invent better eco-friendly and sustainable vehicles. The idea of transitioning from fossil fuel to electric cars is not new, and most manufacturers are trying to provide new ecologically clean cars for society. However, creating a solar-powered electric vehicle remains relatively complicated, despite being a potentially effective solution. Aptera have found the means to create a solar vehicle at a reasonable price point. Here’s some more info.

The Aptera car is a three-wheeled vehicle with an aerodynamic body that’s lightweight with a futuristic design. Moreover, the ultra-modern construction minimises energy consumption so there’s no need for the driver to recharge very often. The solar panels covering the car fuel the journey to its destination, even in nasty weather. When the car is parked under the sun, its batteries will be recharged and its energy is more than enough to go almost 65km a day, which, for most daily needs, is more than enough.

Today energy-efficient cars are pretty expensive, using lithium ion batteries, which contribute to their high cost. Aptera are planning to mass-produce their solar-powered vehicles, negating the need for these expensive resources, so the cars will have a reasonable price. The new plant owned by the company will be autonomous and started work in 2022, using cart robots in order to mass-produce their products and move the resultant product from one station to another during assembly.

According to the CEO of Aptera, they are developing not only manufacturing methods that will influence future businesses, but also helping to solve the green questions of our planet. In case the car has a problem or defects, Aspera can simply instruct the construction robot to move it for inspection. Aspera have already received more than 25,000 pre-orders for their solar cars, with each potential buyer making a deposit of just $100. By the end of the year, the company plans to begin its first deliveries of the vehicles, initially with pre-production prototypes to inform mass production later. Based on the feedback from early buyers, Aptera will make final changes to proceed with its wider product release. The main goal is to produce 60,000 vehicles annually – but that’s only an early estimate.

The green policies and practices of today’s world have major problems with most technology manufacturers only half-heartedly following eco initiatives. The idea of electric cars is not new, and automotive companies are investing heavily in innovative developments in search of alternative energy sources. Thanks to this, the auto world has already launched some really efficient electric vehicles, as well as hydrogen-fuelled power units. Solar power seems a logical avenue to explore in the race for the planet, and no innovation should be overlooked. Who knows – maybe magnetic cars will be next!

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