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Comedy Fans Are Spoiled for Choice This Anime Season

With numerous new comedy series out the spring 2022 anime season is a great one for laughter. Here are three of the most anticipated to check out. Comedy Fans Are Spoiled for Choice This Anime Season
For anime fans who may want a break from the usual popular titles or are overwhelmed by the many sports shows recently coming out never fear the spring 2022 anime lineup is a particularly great one for comedy fans. Apart from the long awaited returning series like Kaguyasama Love Is War and Komi Cant Communicate numerous new comedy titles have made their debuts. Among these the highestranking on MyAnimeList all have plenty of potential. Whether its for their humorous stories or extraordinary plots the following three anime might be the rising stars of the comedy genre for this season.

Aharensan Is Indecipherable Stars the Most Unlikely New Friendship
Aharen with eye dropper The anime scenery is full of school comedy shows. However even at first glance Aharensan Is Indecipherable proves to be different with its wholesome yet mildly violent humor. The story revolves around Aharen a cute and small student with a quiet voice who does not have spatial awareness. She has a hard time adapting to the social interaction scene and is pretty bad at determining distance and personal space. If she does not restrain herself she gets far too close to people. The only person who makes an effort to understand her is classmate Raidou Matsuboshi. Although he has a menacing and scary face he is a softhearted boy with a wild imagination.

The story follows these two peculiar characters as their strange relationship blooms when Raidou decides to pick up Aharens eraser from the ground. Misreading his gesture she now believes they are best friends. Shows that start with a little misunderstanding that eventually turn into complicated situations are something the anime community is well accustomed to. However Aharsensan is Indecipherable offers something brand new and slightly mature by taking elements from Komi Cant Communicate and blending them with a bit of Toradora! and My Love Story!!.

This wholesomely adorable yet outrageously funny anime presents characters who are hard not to love. With its situational jokes and distressing aura Aharensan Is Indecipherable is a mustsee this season. Ya Boy Kongming! Pairs an Ancient War Hero and an Aspiring Singer Kongming with Glasses in Ya Boy Kongming! With one of the best opening themes of the spring 2022 season may even this year Ya Boy Kongming! begins strongly and gets even stronger. Although the series shows traces of recycling some old tropes it also puts a fresh spin on them while promising a change for fans who do not want to see the regular anime clichés repeatedly.

Ya Boy Kongming! starts with a reincarnation story. The titular protagonist Kongming the General of the Three Kingdoms has struggled his whole life fighting in countless battles that turned him into an accomplished strategist. In his final moments Kongmings last wish was to be reborn into a world without war and free from bloodshed. The universe answers sending his younger self with all his memories intact into modern day party central Tokyo.

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