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Colbourne and Lennox’s Rivalry Over Charlotte Comes to a Head In the Next Sanditon

Were heading toward the end of season 2 SandiFans! In last weeks episode of Sanditon Alison Rosie Graham was appalled and angered to learn that everything Capt. William Carter Maxim Ays had fed her were lies. After accepting his proposal of marriage an excited Alison stood up in the canoe they were in and promptly fell overboard.Unfortunately Carters tales of saving 50 drowning men were not his and the hapless soldier who cant swim couldnt jump in to save her lest him drown himself. Fortunately for both of them Captain Fraser Frank Blake was nearby and rescued the fair maiden from certain death. Alison wet and cold from her unexpected dip in the lake was furious at both men Carter for lying to her this entire time and Fraser for standing by idly and not saying a word.

In this weeks penultimate episode well find out if Alison forgives the men for their part in the deceit. Will either beg for her forgiveness? Now that she no longer sees Carter through rose colored lenses will Alison be able to spot the one who truly cares for her? We only have two episodes left in the season to find out so lets hope she comes to that realization really quick!Meanwhile Colonel Lennox Tom Weston Jones and Alexander Colbournes Ben Lloyd Hughes rivalry over Charlotte Rose Williams comes to a head. With Colbourne remaining silent about his past dealings with Lennox will Charlotte take the colonel at his word or will she dig deeper with her employer and discover both sides of the story?After Georgiana Crystal Clarke learns that a relation of her fathers has sought to nullify her inheritance she makes a decision that will impact her future forever.

Also this week Edwards Jack Fox manipulation of Esther Charlotte Spencer takes a dark turn. Will Clara Lily Sacofsky aid him in his manipulations or will she help Esther? The distraught and depressed Esther wonders why she has not heard from her husband Lord Babington Mark Stanley.Toms Kris Marshall woes surface as Arthur Turlough Convery attempts to come to his rescue.New episodes of Masterpieces Sanditon premiere on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on PBS and can be streamed with a subscription to PBS Passport. PBS Passport holders can view the next episode ahead of time on the PBS website. Go to pbs.org for more information.

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