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‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman’: why it is succeeding around the world

All of us of a certain age remember the boom in Latin American telenovelas, back in the 1980s and early 1990s even well into the new century. Titles like Yo Soy Betty la Fea , played by Colombian actress Ana María Orozco were a true cultural phenomenon. A Colombian production entitled Café con aroma de mujer broadcast in 1994 and considered by critics to be the best Colombian telenovela of all time was also a huge success. Recently, a new version of this soap opera landed on Netflix and since then it has not stopped reaping success. Although it seemed that Turkish soap operas were going to have no rival it turns out that Colombian productions have stood up again and have claimed their place on the podium.

A love story with obstacles In the original series the one from 1994 we travel to the heart of a coffee plantation where a couple Gaviota and Sebastián played by Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker fell madly in love. But they came from opposite worlds she was a coffee picker in a field that belonged to Sebastian s grandfather. His love seemed doomed and there were hundreds of people who tried to torpedo them but they managed to overcome the obstacles. The story attracted so many viewers that there were days when it concentrated 65% of the television audience. From 1994 to 1999 it held the record for being the most watched soap opera in the history of Colombian television. It only lost its status when Yo soy Betty la fea appeared on the screen

Over the years attempts were made to revive the audience phenomenon of Café con aroma de mujer and new versions were produced. In 2001 on TV Azteca in Mexico When you are mine premiered starring Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basáñez. Six years later in 2007 and also in Mexico Destilando amor was broadcast with Angélica Rivera and Eduardo Yánez . As a curious anecdote this time the coffee was replaced by tequila. In both cases the audiences were enthusiastic especially in the case of the latest version. One of the episodes of Destilando amor became the most watched program on Televisa.

Woman scented coffee a new success Of course it seems that this series is pursuing success because the latest remake of Café con aroma de mujer produced by RCN Televisión in 2021 has once again succeeded. This time even more than with previous versions. And that when it appeared for the first time on Telemundo in May 2021 it did not have an excessive impact. The telenovela had a good start but was rapidly losing audience. On some occasions as published by the Spanish version of People it reached below 800 000 viewers a figure far removed from the figures that Telemundo usually shows However and here came the surprise when Netflix included it in its programming the soap opera began to sweep the world.

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