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‘Coffee with the aroma of a woman’: the romantic series that hides drama and adventure

LA CAPITAL recommends a love story full of conflict drama and adventure: Café con aroma de mujer a Colombian Netflix series starring William Levy and Laura Londoño that became a worldwide success. This production is a remake of the homonymous one from 1994 and in recent months it has become the favorite of many. Café con aroma de mujer tells the story of Gaviota a young woman who after working as a coffee picker with her mother at the Casablanca hacienda goes through an unexpected romance with the heir Sebastián Vallejo . The story unfolds over 88 chapters a number that perhaps scares the viewer but that is not a parameter since the series becomes very bearable and even forces those who watch it not to leave their seats.If you are a fan of love stories you definitely have to watch it.

A love story with obstacles In the original series the one from 1994 we travel to the heart of a coffee plantation where a couple Gaviota and Sebastián played by Margarita Rosa de Francisco and Guy Ecker fell madly in love. But they came from opposite worlds: she was a coffee picker in a field that belonged to Sebastian s grandfather. His love seemed doomed—and there were hundreds of people who tried to torpedo them—but they managed to overcome the obstacles. The story attracted so many viewers that there were days when it concentrated 65% of the television audience. From 1994 to 1999 it held the record for being the most watched soap opera in the history of Colombian television. It only lost its status when Yo soy Betty la fea appeared on the screen .

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