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Chucky Season 2 Star Teases Major Character Death

A Chucky season 2 regular briefly addresses the possibility of her character dying with a somewhat vague answer that creates new stakes for her arc.

Chucky regular Fiona Dourif raises the stakes for season 2 by addressing her character’s potential death. The actress is the daughter of horror legend and Child’s Play star Brad Dourif, most famous for his portrayal of Charles Lee Ray, AKA Chucky, in creator Don Mancini’s successful genre franchise. Dourif carried on her father’s legacy with her Child’s Play debut as Nica Pierce in 2013’s Curse of Chucky, a paraplegic woman who encounters the killer doll. After Chucky imbues his soul into Nica, she and Tiffany (Jennifer Tilly) join forces to enact a sinister plan.

Nica returns in Chucky season 2, now limbless, after Tiffany’s desire for independence caused her to take drastic action to keep the fragment of Chucky within Nica at a disadvantage. Tiffany’s infatuation with the authentic Nica grew over season 1 as the famous killer held her captive, and that dynamic will continue into season 2. However, Nica may find some unlikely aid with the arrival of Glen/Glenda (Lachlan Watson), who suddenly visits their mother at her new home.

While Nica’s Chucky season 2 character arc sees her continuing to escape from Tiffany and possibly enlisting Glen/Glenda’s support, her ultimate fate is currently unknown. Dourif teases Nica’s death in a new tweet, asking coyly, “Who’s to say if Nica is going to survive?” Fans on Twitter appear troubled by the tease, to which Dourif doubles down, asking, “WHO’S TO SAY.” Check out the post below:

The Chucky season 2 trailer gives audiences only a tiny peek at Nica’s upcoming arc, showing that she will continue to fight against her captor while occasionally slipping into her Chucky personality. Unlike previous seasons, however, Nica is now almost entirely defenseless without any of her limbs, a significant impediment that makes her an easy target for Tiffany should the latter choose to get rid of Nica. Therefore, Nica’s death is an entirely realistic scenario, especially if she cannot expel the soul of Chucky from within her and if the serial killer takes Tiffany to her absolute breaking point. Glen and Glenda are an even more uncertain factor, as their motivations in Chucky season 2 are still unclear.

Dourif could also be trolling to generate interest in Chucky season 2. Tilly’s blood-soaked selfies as Tiffany hint at her brutally killing somebody in season 2, but that isn’t necessarily Nica. If Dourif is joking around to draw more eyes to season 2, fan reactions to her tweet indicate that the tactic is clever. Chucky viewers who were potentially on the fence about staying loyal to the series can now be excited to see if the popular character survives or not. Nica has quickly become a franchise mainstay akin to Andy, Tiffany, or Chucky himself, so her fate is an intriguing plot point to consider more intently following Dourif’s tease.

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