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Chucky: How the TV Series Expands on the World of Child’s Play

With a franchise now seven features long and the recent TV series dropping the Childs Play franchise has been haunting us since 1988 with Chucky standing shoulder to shoulder with the other iconic villains of the decade despite being only 3 ft tall.Headed by the inspirational Don Mancini Childs Play follows the story of a single mother gifting her child a possessed toy for his birthday. Through voodoo a serial killer places his spirit into the closest thing he can find every kids must have new toy a Good Guy doll.Through clever low angle POV shots from the dolls perspective silently running around the house and offing all the adults who dont believe the boy Childs Play is a creepy low budget classic that excelled through tense storytelling and glorious practical effects including puppetry and animatronics. However this was no mere toy story.

Childs Play would go on to spawn many sequels with varying results. The first sequel Childs Play 2 would be just as nasty as the first and just as confident. Childs Play 3 would be embroiled in the off screen murder of two year old James Bulger and would raise the moral question of the Video Nasty in the UK.In a masterstroke the fourth in the series would drop the numbered title and give the anthology a fresh spin by adding queer icon Jennifer Tilly Bound Family Guy to its cast as Chuckys girlfriend in Bride of Chucky before petering off limply with Seed of Chucky in 2004. Despite being arguably the worst in the franchise Seed of Chucky would go on to find a place in peoples hearts for its trans themes and openness in the relatively hetero horror genre.

Its Fing Chucky

Chucky would hibernate for a while after Seed of Chucky but the characters pop culture legacy remained. The villainous doll was kept alive by endless merchandise an iPhone game bad fan films and inevitable comparisons with Chuckys derivative competitors Annabelle Toy Story 5 In 2018 Chucky would feature under Spielberg himself in an explosive and expletive driven cameo in the overstuffed Ready Player One followed by a hollow feature length remake in 2019.

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