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Chris Brown Is Being Stalked by a Woman in Los Angeles

Chris Brown Is Being Stalked by a Woman in Los Angeles After making it through a false rape accusation in January of this year musician Chris Brown has another problem on his hands a stalker. Stalkers are not unusual for celebs. In February actress Rebel Wilson dealt with her own stalker. However they are always persistent and potentially dangerous privacy intruders. Chris Brown Is Being Stalked by a Woman in Los Angeles The woman first popped up two weeks ago at his San Fernando Valley home. From that account it seems that the woman wouldnt leave his residence until it was obvious that the police had been called.

According to TMZ after two days the LAPD received a call for a welfare check on Brown. Given the situation from days earlier the police reportedly knew something was up. Overall the woman has been at Chris Browns gate roughly ten times now. The latest incident occurred last week and involved the woman arguing with Browns personal security. Law enforcement responded to the incident and would take a report of the disturbance. The odd part here is that an arrest hasnt been made yet but theres a reason for that no crime was committed. She stays at the gate hasnt engaged in physical violence toward Brown and no threats have been reported.

In California stalking requires more than an annoying person constantly lurking outside of your house. Some degree of escalation from the offender must occur as well as the victim believing that harm could come to them. Considering all of this shes more of a stalkerad jacent nuisance. The incident report was more to document things. Also it goes a long way in resolving the incidents should she escalate. To our readers Is this woman merely a nuisance with too much time on her hands or an outright stalker Do you believe it all depends on if she escalates her undesired visits

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