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Chicago Med’s Revolving Door Makes It Hard to Care About Anyone

Chicago Med has developed a bad habit of taking away beloved characters and trying to replace them only for those replacements to leave soon after.

It is an unwritten law of all medical dramas that by a series seventh season at least two major original cast members must leave with little chance of returning Greys Anatomy followed the law to the letter with the departures of George OMalley and Izzie Stevens Chicago Med fulfilled the same prophecy with the sudden writingoff of Connor Rhodes in Season 5 followed by the departures of Natalie Manning and April Sexton at the end of Season 6 With the way things have been going some fans are expecting that more of their favorite characters will be leaving before Season 7 concludes.

Who is next Maggie Lockwood Will Halstead The stalwart Daniel Charles The more characters Chicago Med takes away from its audience the less inclined viewers will be to continue watching Whats the point of getting invested in a character whos going to disappear into the void after a season or two Chicago Med doesnt just have a beloved characters keep leaving problem It also has a characters audiences are just getting to know keep leaving problem This goes beyond love interests dipping in and out of the fray which isnt uncommon in any primetime drama Natalies replacement following the departure of Torrey DeVitto has already left after only half a season and her spot on the show was filled with someone else who previously left the show suddenly only to return.

Whatever the behindthescenes reasons for rotating these characters in and out might be Chicago Med keeps trying to replace characters when they should be creating new ones Crockett Marcel try as he might is no Connor and fans immediately saw right through the attempt to replace that beloved character with a faulty copy Theres nothing explicitly wrong with Crockett he just cant fill the Connorshaped hole in audiences hearts that remains two seasons after Colin Donnells unexpected departure.

The same thing happened with the Stevie Hammer and Hannah Asher characters Hannah replaced Natalie as Wills love interest only to abruptly leave at the top of Season 6 allowing for Stevie to be introduced in Season 7 and the show to tease their potential Hamstead romance But now Stevie is gone and Hannah is back out of the blue Will she last the season before dropping off again without warning One of the many reasons why people love watching medical dramas is the characters Viewers often feel like they know a character as if theyre a reallife friend when theyre written well It hurts enough when that character leaves without warning But when a fan is just beginning to like a new character and they leave before theyre fully explored Thats upsetting enough to deter people from coming back.

If Chicago Med is going to retain its viewership it must commit to creating characters and relationships that are built to last If that means having fewer main cast members so no character is left dangling on the outskirts without a compelling storyline to follow then so be it If it means removing stale characters that have gone through enough development arcs for an entire cast to make room for characters with fresh perspectives then so be it too That would be better than the current status quo of seeing characters come and go seemingly on a constant basis.

The shows strength has always been its balance between mostly realistic medicine and intriguing drama between characters At this point the writers need to reinvest in the latter Its important to make sure that once characters step into Chicago Med theyre here to stay so that the fans have someone to stay for New episodes of Chicago Med premiere Wednesdays at 800pm ET/PT on NBC.

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