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Frailty: Why You Need to See Bill Paxton’s Horror Movie

Bill Paxton’s directorial debut cements his legacy with a psychological thriller featuring Matthew McConaughey, dark places, and multiple plot twists. Popular “everyman” actor Bill Paxton was on a roll in the 1990s. From Tombstone to Apollo 13, and Twister to Titanic, Paxton starred in some of the biggest movies of …

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Vanessa Hudgens and Fabletics Team Up on Fall Capsule

Vanessa Hudgens loves autumn, or “spooky season” as she likes to call it. So it’s no surprise that her latest collection with Fabletics ticks all the boxes for her favorite season   a 13-piece lineup that ranges from activewear to eveningwear. “Fall is my favorite time of year,” she said. “To …

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10 Best Keira Knightley Movies | TheReviewGeek Recommends

Keira Knightley is indeed the princess of historical dramas; for the last twenty years, she has mostly been linked to playing various positions of royalty. Although Knightley is best known for her work in period pieces, particularly romantic ones, she is increasingly venturing into movies with a modern setting. The …

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Every Saoirse Ronan Movie Ranked From Worst To Best

Irish actress Saoirse Ronan has acted in a vast array of feature films. Here’s every Saoirse Ronan film, ranked from worst to best. Here’s every Saoirse Ronan movie ranked worst to best, including See How They Run. The American-born Irish actress made her acting debut in The Clinic, an Irish …

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