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CASETiFY Announces Disney & Pixar’s Toy Story Collection

CASETiFY has blazoned its rearmost collection featuring Disney and Pixars cherished ballot Toy Story. The exclusive collaboration with Pixar will bring the sport ful world of Toy Story off the screen and onto CASETiFYs best dealing accessories. suckers looking to rep Woody Buzz and the rest of the gang can subscribe up now for precedence access to shop the collection ahead of launch on Aug 16.

Since 1995 the Toy Story ballot has captured the hearts of multiple generations while celebrating gemütlichkeit that last a continuance. Now suckers of any age can relive their stylish nonage recollections with customization accessories set up in the collaboration including designs featuring Woody Buzz Jesse SlinkyMr. andMrs. Potato Head Rex Hamm Bo Peep Bullseye the Aliens Lotso Forky Ducky and Bunny on CASETiFYs hand Impact Ultra Impact and Ultra Compo stable Case styles.

fresh designs incorporate iconic rudiments from the pictures similar as the Pixar ball Woodys sheriff emblem Buzzs Space Ranger button and Sids cranium hallmark which will be vended simply on the CASETiFY Colab app for two weeks following the launch. Limited edition products will also include the iconic Toy Story shadows made for iPhone with a plush silicone material evocative of Andys nonage wallpaper selling$ 55$ 65 USD.

Within the last two times we have banded with Disney and Pixar on a variety of stylish dealing collections said Wes Ng CASETiFY CEO and cofounder We couldnt be more agitated to continue this by featuring the cherished Toy Story characters celebrating true gemütlichkeit that gauge generations. Designs in the collection extend to reciprocal accessories made for iPhone Samsung Google Pixel Airpods and Airpods Pro Airtags Apple Watch bands wireless dishes Macbook iPad and the Nintendo Switch. Toy Story suckers can also buy one of the limited edition Blob Charms featuring Slinky Ham Rex and Alien character pendants selling for$ 50 USD. fresh products in the collection retail between$ 35 and$ 85 USD.

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