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Canceled 2000s TV Shows You Forgot You Loved

The cast of NYPD Blue. Vince BucciGetty Images In addition to the popular shows from the 2000s there were shows weve forgotten about but loved From Pushing Daisies to Flight of the Conchords we say goodbye to some wacky comedy shows.
Freaks and Geeks only aired for one season but it helped jumpstart the careers of some of todays stars.
li Freaks and Geeks on NBC only lasted one season but it helped launch the careers of stars like Jason Segel Seth Rogen and Busy Philipps.Seth Rogen Jason Segel Linda Cardellini and James Franco. NBC

Seasons: 1 What its about: Freaks and Geeks follows two brothers Lindsay and Sam as they attend high school in suburban Michigan. Lindsays friends are the freaks while her younger brothers friends are the geeks.
Why We Loved It: Freaks and Geeks was packed with great characters comedy drama and nuance and helped launch the careers of many recognizable names: Jason Segel Seth Rogen Busy Philipps Linda Cardellini and James Franco. Today it has something of a cult following.ABCs Dharma and Greg was pulled from the air after five seasons.Jenna Elfman and Thomas Gibson as Dharma and Greg.

Seasons: 3What its about: This drama follows a group of teenagers in their hometown of Roswell New Mexico which is well known for its UFO sightings. Among the characters are three humanalien hybrids with extraordinary gifts.
Why We Loved It: The show made balancing drama humor and mystery look easy. Its scifi theme gave it a bit more of an edge than other teen dramas of the time like Beverly Hills 90210 or Dawsons Creek. More recently it has been given a reboot of sorts Roswell New Mexico which was released in 2019 is based on the same book as the original Roswell High by Melinda Metz.So Little Time on Fox Family was just one of many shows starring the Olsen twins.

Seasons: 4 What it was about: Felicity played by Keri Russell follows her crush to New York City after high school but once shes there she finds a whole new world of possibilities.Why We Loved It: While the premise might sound like a cheesy teen drama its delivery was more adult than that and it wasnt afraid to tackle some serious topics. Clever writing charming characters and early star power including Jennifer Garner made this a fan favorite.Roswell which aired on the CW and UPN was an avantgarde teen drama that ended in 2002.

Seasons: 5 What its about: Dharma and Greg got married despite being polar opposites: Dharma was a freespirited yoga teacher while Greg was a deadend lawyer.Why We Loved It: While this show technically started in the 90s it went off the air in 2002 giving this eccentric comedy more than enough time to find its fans. Cocreated by Chuck Lorre who also cocreated Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory the shows odd couple elicited some laughs. Fueling fans hopes Jenna Elfman who played Dharma told People in 2017 that a reboot would be so much fun!
Keri Russell starred in Felicity on the WB.

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