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Can Wujing trust Vesco on The Blacklist?

The Blacklist has been building up a conflict between Red and one of his oldest allies. The question, however, is whose side that guy is really on. The final season of the NBC drama has shown Raymond “Red” Reddington living more off the grid than usual, to the point of crashing on the couch of FBI Director Harold Cooper. A reason for that is Red is finally paying the piper for his years of misdeeds.

The overall arc for Season 10 is that Wujing (Chin Han), a criminal Red helped bust years ago, has finally discovered that Red has been working with the FBI. He’s been reaching out to various “Blacklisters” to team up and get revenge on Red. This has played into Red getting aid from his old “frenemy” Robert Vesco (Stacy Keach), the pair working together on a treasure hunt. After they parted ways, Vesco was picked up by Wujing, who told him about Red working for the Feds. Vesco went to see Red, who invited him in for a talk. Vesco then sought out Wujing, claiming Red had confessed to the entire deal and expected Vesco to understand. Instead, Vesco said he wanted payback and joined Wujing.

Whose side is Vesco really on in The Blacklist?
The big question is if Vesco has really turned on Red or if this is all some plan. The audience never saw the talk between them, so it’s possible Red sent Vesco in as a spy against Wujing to help Red stay a step ahead. However, Vesco does play his own games and might still be annoyed at Red’s secret partnership with the feds. Thus, Vesco might be playing Red and Wujing against each other to get himself a better piece of the pie. Whatever the case, Vesco should be careful, as crossing Wujing can be very dangerous. At the same time, the man is a master of getting out of some scrapes and his put in the middle of the Red-Wujing clash should make the next episodes of The Blacklist more entertaining.


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